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New Profile Posts

  1. walterdl
    GOAL - Life member, NRA - Life member, Not in a rush to die.
  2. Noahs Motors
    Noahs Motors
    Noah's Motors - NMSAMA MFG. 622 Broadway, US Rt. 1 N. Saugus, MA 01906 781-233-1616 Shop Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 12pm - 7pm 7pm
  3. dropride
    dropride centermass181
    PM me so i can give you the payment info for the lowers
  4. Fec
    Fec Chris O
    I have one with a couple mags and hogue grips. Would sell for $525 great shape. Text my for pictures. 781-831-2560
  5. a73elkyss
    a73elkyss Reptile
    Hi Chris. Please check your email. MO sent. Thanks so much. Jay
  6. brando8me
    brando8me Horseman508
    Ruger SR1911 full size with factory mags and 2 Wilson Combat 8 rnd mags. Hogue, Magpul and factory grips. Blackhawk Serpa holster. Wilson Combat full length guide rod and factory guide. Has roughly 600 rounds thru it if your interested.
  7. hendrix923
    hendrix923 Llamarunner
    I’ll take the 1911 AO
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  8. Jon Leonard
    Jon Leonard don3
    Interested in all of your 45acp brass.do you have pay pal?
  9. Kisspik002
    Wishing all my fellow NES'ers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  10. richieirving@gmail.com
    [email protected] Rustyst
  11. RoosGoos
    RoosGoos 55_grain
    Good Morning!

    Saw your post this morning with the pre-ban AR15 mags..
    Do you have any new/lightly used ones still available?

    Please let me know when you have a moment.
    [email protected]

    Thank you,
  12. Old Rover
    Old Rover Talozin
    Hi I can take those Glock Mags off your hands . I can either drive out from Beverly or send you a P.P. Friends & Family and you could stick them in an priority envelope. And mail them to me. E-mail ;
    [email protected] Thanks, Bruce
  13. dgrafton
    dgrafton Alex9661
    If the slide is still available, would you take $275? I could meet at Braintree tomorrow late morning or late afternoon.

  14. K20turbo
    K20turbo drgrant
    Hey, my NES name is k20turbo. Ive been a member since march 2016. Ive recently been trying to post my first for sale ad but cant figure out how to post on the WTS classifieds. At the bottom of the page there is a message that reads "You have insufficient privileges to post here". Can you please steer me in the right direction. Thank you.
  15. orgcandman
    orgcandman Gitoki
    Can't seem to PM you. Would like to discuss some of your sale items. Email me [email protected]
  16. tjkcreations
    tjkcreations wcmachine
    You still machining in Mass.? Just switched jobs and I am back at my old machine shop. We are cleaning out an old shop and have a bunch of mics. equipment to sell / toss.

    Hope all is well
  17. northframingham
  18. dudebroparty
    dudebroparty Spectre
    how much ammo can I get for a Sig Foxtrot 1 light? It fits my P320
  19. 10thSFFD
  20. Kineo
    Kineo awm
    I may be interested. Is this where I inquire about the g40?
  21. jason19711971
    jason19711971 bolt
    Im in at $240 available now and all day. 508-813-5248 Sellor & Bellot 762x39
  22. maxdogk911
    Back after an extended absence.
  23. Mjrella78
    Hello ... im sorry im not looking for any trades....Just selling my Glocks moving up to N.H
  24. Johnsoda
    Johnsoda JackO
    Is the P10C still available?
  25. eryk22c
    eryk22c Jconnor93
    Good evening Jconnor93, would you be able to send any pictures of your bakelite mags? Please and thank you. You can pm me or text them to my cell. 978 273 5224

    Thank you sir. Eryk
  26. lowbuckbob
  27. eryk22c
    eryk22c Jconnor93
    Good evening, would you happen to have any pictures of your bakelite mags? Thank you
    You pm me, or send them to my cell 978 273 5224
  28. KJB
    KJB flippedr6
    Is this Jeff? I've been reading some old posts about remote starter installs. Can you send me a pm? - Karl
  29. cbguns
    cbguns Lsgun1
    Nice M1
  30. Mzirin01
    Probably working...