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Pictured above: Prominent structure, situated perpendicular to a drastic depth change, often makes bigger bass easier to catch. This 5-pounder ate the bait just off the deep end of a fallen tree.

March 23, 1994
Wednesday afternoon, sitting in pre-Algebra—by far my worst subject. It’s the warmest day of the year so far, and I all I can do is stare out the window. It snowed five days ago, but all that’s left now are snow banks and long rivers of meltwater crossing the upper lot at Westborough High School. Mr. Burril opens a window and a gust of spring-scented air fills the room. My mind briefly wonders about bass fishing—seems too early—then my thoughts quickly shift to remembering where I left my baseball glove. I hope I have the grades to make the JV team.

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I used to have a Coleman Crawdad (first pic). I caught more bass in small ponds out of that boat than my other boats combined. I gave it to a friend's kids so they could make some memories as well.


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I've landed many largemouth bass....4 -7 mid March fishing deep diving crank baits onto deep holes.

Dennis in MA

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I suck at fishing until about late May. No idea why. I guess I'm not where the fish are. :(

One year - literally a decade ago - right before the major March floods - I fished the Nemasket dam. I hauled in about 5 bass in 5 min on a chatterbait I was working more like a jig. Bam. Bam. Bam. Then they stopped. They were setting up for herring. Herring are moving up. Gat gat gat no time to fish, tho. Gotta paint my shed before it gets too warm and all sorts of deadly insects come my way. African-American flies, skeeters, ticks, etc., Full court press to get it done now.

bob king

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I can't remember fishing in March before but the weather this year, no ice and the fact the I'm not working for awhile has given me the opportunity. I hit the pond about 5:00 and stay until dark when it's not raining or in 30 degrees. I'm having the best spring ever.
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