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Breitbart News reported Brendan Bialy was a senior at the school when he tackled the gunman on March 7, 2019. The attack resulted in eight injuries and one fatality.

Bialy’s family released a statement after the incident, saying:

We are deeply saddened for the victims, families, friends, and community on this tragic day. We’d like to commend the immediate response of law enforcement and assure all we are strong with the love of our families, community, friends, and every one sending concern, wishes, and strength. We will persevere.

Stars and Stripes reports that Bialy is now a Marine.

Bialy planned on becoming a Marine before the shooting incident occurred. He made clear that the incident actually bolstered his decision: “My thoughts on becoming a Marine were nothing but reinforced after the shooting. What I saw that day was complete and total malevolence, bad overcome by good.”

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting the Denver Post reported Bialy’s decision to attack the gunman, and quoted him saying, “I don’t like the idea of running and hiding.”

Teenager Who Disarmed School Shooter Is Now a Marine


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Too bad Hog was too much of a pussy to do the same
Was Hogboy even in the building at the time of the shooting? I thought he was riding his tricycle to the school when he heard about it so he could get the scoop on the story. He calls himself a "victim" but he has set the bar for that term so low that he could be an expert limbo dancer.

On the other hand, it's good to see that there really are some good young people out there doing well and it makes me proud. Semper Fi young man. You will go far with your can do attitude.
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Seems like ONE of the FEW, GOOD, MEN he now and forever will associate himself with. Nothing but Best Wishes for the Devil Dog.


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Tranny teen being tried as adult


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