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SA80 … arguably the worst service rifle (but absolutely NOT an “assault rifle” though), samples in US are far too few to pass own judgement without listening to people with pony tails. So I’ve had this itch for a while and unlike other itches neither vodka nor antibiotics seem to help.

Once again somebody (Brownells) comes out with square bolt AR and I figure we give it another shot.

I started with BRN-180 upper thinking that I’d slap SA80 lower harder and faster than the Queen whipped that Hollywierd tart. But it looks like instead of lofty straight bottom on the upper, it was made to mate with AR15 (totally different sex team) so the lower will need to be thinner in parts except the mag well.

In other words, BRN-180 lower needs to be as thin as AR15 receiver. SA80 lower is much thicker and … longer (and arguably harder too)


Jolly good then old sports, let’s get some meldonium tea and polonium crimpets and get to work, eh? (… shit, that’s Canuck Brit … oh well)


First things first, we need to get this f***ing upper right.

The charging handle swapped out for SA80 late charging handle (yeah, Germans had to fix it for Brits)


SUSAT. Yeah. That SUSAT is was real Queen’s property or some shit. Molon labe royal a**h***s, molon f***ing labia! ; )



Also the flash hider needs to be changed. Unfortunately paint shines harder than tomcat’s balls. And it’s not just the fancy dress up either …



Oh, fock, fock, you cheeky buggers ... roit then ...


Now that upper can legit mate with lower the easy part is bending some alloy steel


The SA80 airsoft "lower" is pretty good copy dimensionally according to people who have demil of the real thing. Lining up by the mag well, you can see that real SA80 lower is actually bigger and wider. Also mag well is not autistic.

Eventually receiver had to be Trudo-ed ... Ralf Northam-ed ... ? ... I painted it black.


Here again, you can see the difference to good quality airsoft (yeah, I know, I'm gay) copy.
Keep in mind that's 18" upper (f*** you Brownells) and total length is 28" so it has all the potential to be "barely legal".


Here is a comparison to 16" gAyR lined by mag well.


But really how can you compare?


Obligatory ...


Jokes aside ... here is another joke:

Bolts from BRN-180, AR-180, T2 (yeah, Australians are autistic and need to retain their guide rod) and SAR80

BRN-180 bolt is small and shriveled, but the real joke is that from all the normal bolts, Australian rotates in opposite direction ... coreolis force and sheeeit!

f***ing A comrades!


So what's conclusion? I think this upper sucks. Bolt is too light, travel too short, lower too small, it's like doing appendix surgery through a**h***. Next time we drink more vodka and build real rifles.


TGIF comrades!
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Wow can't believe you pulled that off. You are an improvisational genius!
Seriously where in that brain of yours do you find that stuff.


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Boris's version is like ten times as reliable and deadly as a real SA80![rofl2]
Even his spoon is deadlier than the real rifle!![smile]

Poor Brits should at least adopt his toothbrush bayonet!
Oral hygiene is a killer too![crying]


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How does the ar180 fit in? you mention near photos of the diffrent bolts shown.
what's common, didn't ar180 have 2 generations.
I love this since not an AR.


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How does the ar180 fit in? you mention near photos of the diffrent bolts shown.
what's common, didn't ar180 have 2 generations.
I love this since not an AR.
The bolt and recoil system of the AR18 was readily adapted for the SA80 since it didn’t require a buffer tube.

The “second generation” 180 was really just adapted for the civilian market.

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