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    Default Remington 742 30.06 mag question.

    I recently acquired a Remington 742 30.06. The rifle came with a scope, sling and a factory 4 round mag. The mag it came with slides perfectly into place and locks in right in every time. While on a trip to the Kittery Trading Post, I decided to purchase a second magazine which was aftermarket. This magazine was made to accept a few different calibers of ammo, and has a difficult time sliding in and won't fully lock into place. So, I decided to purchase an original 30.06 magazine, identical to the one that came with the rifle. This too has a difficult time sliding in and won't fully lock into place. I stripped the rifle down, cleaned and oiled it, and inspected the innards for signs of wear. I also compared the two factory magazines and they look identical. After reassembling the rifle, I am still having the same problem. Any suggestions?

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    Contact Remington Tech Supt?

    Try an experiment with soft chalk, chalk up the sides of the errant mag, slide it in, then look in with a light for chalk rubbings to see where high-spots are.

    Otherwise have a gunsmith take a look.

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