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    Default Review - Rangemaster's Dynamic Pistol Class

    This was one of thise classes where weather was a bit of everything - rain, lighting and humidity. The following is a note that I received from Tom Givens, our instructor.

    "We had a very good group, which made for a good training experience for all.

    Here is an overview of what we covered in the course of three days:

    Shooting issues:
    Safety, on and off the Range
    Basics of Marksmanship
    Presentation, open carry and concealed carry
    Trigger Control drills
    Reloads- Speed, Emergency, and Tactical
    Distance and Timing
    One handed firing, either hand
    Non-Standard Responses
    Dim light firing, with and without flashlights
    Precision shooting, at 25, 50, and 85 yards
    Side-steps, getting off the X
    Shooting on the Move, forward, rearward, laterally
    Shooting while seated
    Multiple target engagement
    Moving targets
    Malfunction clearance drills
    We shot a number of formal scored courses, which covered all of the skills listed above, while under time pressure. We fired on 2.5” dots, 8” dots, seven different silhouette or graphic targets, and some steel.
    Students fired approximately 1500 rounds each.

    In the classroom we covered mental conditioning for personal combat. We studied the Dinkheller/Thomas video, as well as a recreation of the FBI Miami shoot-out from 1986. There were lectures on cultivating the right mindset, Cooper’s Principles of Personal Defense, Col. John Boyd’s OODA Loop, and a taped presentation by a psychologist/combat veteran on how to avoid panic and fight efficiently. There was also a lecture on the Evolution of Flashlight Technology and Flashlight Assisted Shooting Techniques.

    Quite a lot of work in three days. I saw a real improvement in everyone’s abilities."

    As Tom mentioned we shot about 7 or 8 qualification drills from various police agencies with a class average score of about 95 out of 100. Additionally, Tom mentioned that we shot out to 85 yards. That was not a typo. It was amazing to see the number of bulls eyes at that distance.

    In summary, the class was great, the students were fun to be with and good shooters, and Tom Givens is a work of art. Just as a heads up. Tom will be returning next June or early July to run the same course.
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    This class was an excellent experience, thanks to a lot of footwork by Mike & Jim.

    Having struggled to keep up the fire since NFGA went off-line (there hasn't been a pistol drawn from holster for almost 2 years), this was indeed my first considered effort since then to draw and fire. It's been holes in paper at MFL since then. Boy, did I get rusty!

    Givens gave me a lot to think about - just the kick in the pants to remind me why I go through the grief of renewing my Non-Resident MA LTC-A every year (which finally came through in 9 weeks). Givens really makes a strong case for making a pistol just as routine a part of the daily kit as a cell phone and wallet. His drills are progressive and challenging - very fast paced.

    This is not a class for the training groupies. I've been to CCW classes with a dozen people carrying $2k 1911s, and been the only person other than the instructor carrying to the group dinner. What's with that? People from Shall-Issue states who don't have a CCW permit or don't bother to carry - they won't feel welcome at one of Givens' classes.

    Anyone who carries on a daily basis will really find the class a challenge to their thinking. Highly recommended!

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    Default Rangemaster class

    I am glad that you found the class of value. Remember that Tom woll be back next year. Both Mike and I thank you for the kind comments.

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