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    Default Real "Fulton" shotgun or knockoff?

    My wife inherited some old shotguns from her dad. One of them purports to be a Hunter Arms Fulton side-by-side 20ga shotgun.

    One barrel is stamped "The Fulton" and the other one is stamped "Hunter Arms Co. Inc Mfrs". However, no city name appears after that. From what Googling I've done, pictures show "Fulton, NY" appearing after "Mfrs." but that's not on my wife's gun.

    Also, some pictures I've seen also have the word "Fulton" on the sides of the box (? -- I'm a shotgun newbie and don't know the terms -- the metal box below the barrels containing (among other things) the hinge that the gun breaks open along) but this one doesn't have that and only has a checked pattern on the box sides.

    Just curious if any of you happen to know about this sort of thing.

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    "The Fulton" was made by the Hunter Arms Co - the design is the same as a Fox - They were made in Philly then moved the plant out to NY, then sold the company and it got rebranded by Hunter Arms

    The name is a tribute to the designer, iirc.

    Do some homework on the doublegun board and other shotgun specific boards - search for fox collectors, etc. may lead you to other boards - probably the best place to start for you.

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    See my response posted in your other thread.
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