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    Default Remington Factory Tour!!

    fyi - If you ever find yourself out on Rte 90 in NY state, halfway between Syracuse & Schenectograd, be sure to stop in @ Ilion, NY for the Remington Factory Tour!! -it's only 2 minutes off the highway You can watch your new 870, 700 or H&R being made! They give tours @ 10 am & 1pm. They start off taking you through the Custom Shop & then through 1.5 miles of Unbelievable Wicked Coolness. You can sign up in their awesome Gun Museum (everything from flintlocks to the modern ones) In each department they have a display board showing the steps from the raw stock to the finished part. You can watch receivers being milled, barrels being forged, guns being assembled, etc.,etc!! This was in the AAA NY book. Look in the back fine print under "Industrial Tours" (Always lots of cool stuff (besides breweries) under that category - i.e., if you're out by Seattle, stop in & see 747's being made @ the Boeing Factory!) We stopped in on the way home from SAFS @ Camp Perry, on the way to the Baseball Hall of Fame (actually the same exit if you're Eastbound - the BB HOF is about 20 miles further south) p.s. You might want to bring a bib to help control your drooling ;)

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    I live in Rome NY, about 30 minutes away. We used to have feild trips to the factory back in high school, and I even have two friends that work there. Havn't been on the tour in about 7 years now, but a couple of buddies were talking about going on it sometime this winter. It was always really cool.

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    Sounds better then the S&W group tour we did a while back.

    Road trip anyone ?

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