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    just started a pps43 build,not too sure of were i want to go with it yet because of legalities.just missing 4 parts,anyone know of a place i can get the parts or blueprints for a cheap price?
    trunnion & plate
    upper receiver repair section.
    for the most part i'd rather build everything but the barrel,but finding specs has proven kinda impossible so far.anyone try building one (semi or full) of these yet?

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    Impossible you say?!?!??

    If you haven't already been, These are the places for you, Weaponeer Forums » PPS43, there are several PPS-43 build threads there. Also tons of threads on Weapons Guild

    PPS-43 receiver blueprints (free)

    Gunbroker is a good place to look, lots of parts there most of the time,.

    Mad Machinist on Weapons Guild is selling 1903 drill rifle barrels that he machines down to use on the PPS-43 for $45
    MGS PPS-43 Receiver Repair Section $74.95
    MGS PPS-43 Trunnion Kit $69.95
    PPS-43 trunnion, trunnion bracket and rivet set. $65.00
    PPS-43 receiver flat $37.00

    Coldsteel Solutions
    PPS43 Receiver Blank $140
    PPS43 Trunnion $50
    PPS43 Trunnion Stabilizer $15
    Blueprints $15 (when not purchasing a blank)
    PPSH 43 Barrel 7.62x25 Polish Original Length $89.00
    PPSH 43 Barrel 7.62x25 16.5" Length - Threaded $119.00
    PPS43 replacement section with template 14” - $50.00

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    And check out they have a military style semi-auto and an automatic forum as well as a build it your-self forum.

    Lots of info around for you.

    Can't wait to see your finished product!! I've been tempted but never the nerve to jump...

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