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    At this point with no experience, i dont find the 50 hz important.
    For a few hundred more the feature that matter to me are Bluetooth, the ability to have 3 different zero presets for use on different weapons, a focus adjustment...i guess the internal video is nice but not a real requirement for me. There are also alot more thermal modes on the flir and only 3 on the pulsar.

    I dont regret my choice, just showing another great entry lvl pricepoint. Im not saying 1600 is pocket money.but there is a reason ive never owned my own NV/thermal until now.

    The flir website says it had bluetooth, but there is a debate if it really does and what its capibilies might be.

    I also hate the green on black display of the pulsar so much i almost wouldn't even consider it

    The flir does have Bluetooth, itll be shipping in about 2 weeks
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    So there is some delay in the roll out of the thermal, aparently i fell for another pre order nightmare.

    I ordered a steiner dbal-a3, and dbal-d2, and a gen3 PVS-7 night vision.

    I still have a steiner otal-a on backorder and the pts233 thermal optic on pre order.

    So thats how ill setup the two rifles.
    Thermal and dbal-a3 on one.
    Head mounted pvs-7, eotech exps3, dbal-d2 on the other.
    If I'm by myself ill use the thermal rifle and the NV headset while i look for a pvs-14 to use as a dedicated weapons sight.

    "Looking for"

    I ended up going with a new pvs-14... the used market on pvs14s in a pricerange that makes sense seem to be below my standards of whats acceptable.
    Guess what? 2 month lead time on white phosphor. Should be worth the wait.

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    I received more mail today...its still a work in process. I sent back the D2, for a second A3.
    The top one is just waiting for the correct pressure switch, and a wilcox eotech magnifier flip to side mount. I decided i didnt want the larue twist mount
    The bottem one is waiting for its flashlight, correct pressure switch and the PTS233 thermal.

    I used to almost make fun of people with this much crap on their guns, but for night time it seems to serve a purpose
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