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    Default CMP introduction shoot Hanson Rod and Gun club

    Hanson Rod and Gun club
    1st Saturday 8am and 3rd Sunday 12pm each month
    This is a 100 yard CMP shoot. It's not sanctioned match ( not yet) It allows for new shooters to come see what the cmp is all about. You can shoot from positions or from a bench.
    CLUB GUNS are available:M1 garands , carbines(ammo availability) AR 15( ammo availability)

    Currently you can bring any rifle capable of holding at least 5 rounds and can be reloaded easily by clips or magazines.
    NOTE: this is not a Match it is run only as a match by the course of fire.
    COST: CLUB gun ,ammo and targets is 40$ (due to recent increase in CMP ammo price this may change)
    Bring your own gun and ammo it's 5$ for targets.
    Course of fire is 60 rounds
    10 sight in
    20 slow fire prone
    10 rapid prone
    10 rapid sitting
    10 slow stAnding
    Can be shot from positions or bench.

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    Twice a month every month. Basic intro bring your rifles...

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