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    Quote Originally Posted by Snora View Post
    Mine arrived today- didn't expect it to weight 15 pounds. Looks like serious business!
    WAiting for the review...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac1911 View Post
    WAiting for the review...
    I ended up buying it.
    I had previously mounted my scope with my friend who didn't have the lapping bar.
    Every time we lightly torqued the rings, the scope would roll in the mount, and wouldn't stay level.

    Since using the lapping rod, and doing the torque process again, I had 0 problems with the scope moving as I torqued the rings.

    I'm confident in saying that lapping the rings made my life easier. I also imagine that the rings were probably not exactly round, and adding pressure to the scope tube somewhere.

    My only complaint, and it's not so much the product's fault, is that it's impossible to find a square magnetic surface on an AR upper for the level...

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