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    Anderson lower
    Billet upper
    Colt barrel
    BCM keymod handgaurd
    Magpul grip

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    IMG_5095.jpg IMG_5097.jpg

    January purchase but finally got around to mounting Nikon 3x9 scope.
    Thompson Bone Collector, .50 Cal.
    Pleased with my first attempt to mount rifle scope and bore sight.
    Just got back form the range...No adjustments needed - 50 & 75 yds....
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    IMG_0517.jpg IMG_0518.jpg

    Just picked up today...
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    Quote Originally Posted by whacko View Post
    By spit swab......I mean I actually spit on the patch.....then swab the bore.

    Its the field expedient method for reloading in the field too.......when I take a shot at a deer even if I see it go down the first thing I do is reload before approaching the downed animal in case I have to fire again if its not expired yet. I do keep a patch and my jag in my coat and run a spit swab before reloading. Like I said I use mag express sabots and they are tight sumbitches to ram even on a clean bore so it's necessary to give it a quick patching before reloading.

    I find muzzle loading to be fun as hell on certain occasions. I want to pick up an actual flint lock to screw around with next.

    Oh.....and have to ask.....have you tried shooting it with 150 grains of powder yet? WOOOOOHOOOOO!
    - - - Updated - - -

    It works just fine!
    150gr of powder was a hoot. Got it zero'd perfectly. Now for some 50 and 100 yard practice from the standing and sitting positions.
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