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    Default West Lebanon, NH gun show Feb 18-19

    I-89N Exit 20 25 Airport Rd 125 tables Fireside Inn,Diprete gun show, can be seen from highway.

    I will be set up at this show. I will have ammunition, magazines, books, bayonets.

    7.62x54r Bulgarian 440 rd sealed cans
    7.62x54r Czechoslovakian on Mosin Nagant stripper clips
    8mm Romanian 380 rd sealed cans
    .223/5.56 multiple manufacturer's
    22lr Aguila 500rd brick
    22lr Federal 325 round box
    .303 British bandoleers
    .30 carbine
    8x56 on stripper clips

    Hope to see many of you at the show, watch the weather, 89 can be a real tough road!
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    Quick weather update for I-89 West Lebanon Sunny and warm (well, relatively for February!!) possible 50s on Sunday!

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