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    Default Training class for two near Worcester

    Who and where would you recommend for self defense training for husband and wife near worcester? Pete

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    Down Zero Training. They are on this forum. Took a one on one and it was a great class. Improved my grouping drastically.

    Money well spent.

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    Joe Picariello I have taken DH-1 DH-2 and a dim light with Joe and I would highly recommend him. He gives classes at some of the locals sportsmens clubs In North Central mass area.
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    Stu from cloverleaf firearms group is awesome. A good friend and very trained shooter I have taken pretty much all his classes. He's local to Worcester, if your interested PM me I'll get you his contact info.
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    +1 for Stu, great guy, a very smart shooter.
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    Interested on learning when/where/how and how to avoid ever having to use a weapon in self-defense? If so, the first courses you should take are NRA Personal Protection in the Home and Outside the Home.
    I teach the NRA courses in Mansfield (URL is in signature area of every post or my sub-forum in Training).

    After that take the tactical courses that are all or almost all shooting drills.
    Stu from Cloverleaf can't be beat locally for the tactical drills. He also has a sub-forum here.
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