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    Default Bearpup Trilogy: II – Destruction of Slug (... with depleted yellow cake geranium)

    The Build

    This next build (you can see first from here or is dedicated to another iconic shoulder fired can of whoop-ass - the only and one AT4. Capitalist as Rockefeller getting a bj from Carnegie in exchange for stock options. It fires 84 mm spit from a disposable shell. That's right, the launcher tube is disposable and it's not even heavy enough to serve as a club. What if you want to fire a 90mm projectile? Well, you are out of luck comrade, not even a gallon of KY would be able to fit it in. So enough of bitching, let's cracking on this sheeit.

    Obviously I can't make a 84mm shoulder fired launcher. Well, I can, but I need to convert to Snackbarslam, grow hair out of my ass and go where Barry sends all the good shit. **** that! On the other hand, I can still make some BP muskets in this country, just as long as they are non-replica and under 50cal 'cause that's what they had during 1976, right?

    Here is your garden variety 50cal BP gun, available without any license to anyone over 18.

    without a stock you got a 50 cal barrel and trigger

    since that barrel looks ARish, I put it into 2 inch steel pipe, so that even if it blows up it will be contained within reason

    it is still a 50 cal rifle

    here it is next to another BP gun (they are cheap and no FA-10 required)

    hammer is replaced by a stricker (rusty half inch square stock)

    to complete transformation I stick it into 4" fiberglass tube, wipe it and insert the barrel.

    a collapsible shoulder rest ... holy sheeit, it's almost an assault tube!

    fire control is moulded and ... no safety yet on the trigger like on AT4

    I also make steel handles just in case, on AT4 they are plastic, like ARs

    A final touch is I mold the front rubber piece from an AT4

    and cast it in red rubber ... it looks like monkey butt

    Thanks ****!

    The Shots

    Now we go to the funnest part, making charges! Well, I read somewhere (probably ATF bathroom) that weapon is not a weapon if it throws Medical AIDS, line or signal. Which is ****ing awesome in case ATF decides that we didn't have 50 cal muskets in 1976.

    is good, here Medical AIDS shot

    a signal

    and some string (should be good enough as "line")

    and here they are before heading to the range:

    also you can see Medical AIDS sticking from monkey butt

    well, the shots did not fare well, as great pressure was upon them from barrel

    but accuracy is good, is 100 yard line and it penetrated ground like Linsky at the petting zoo

    The Depleted Yellow Cake Geranium

    So for next time I think we need better shot.

    I take some yellow cake geranium and deplete it

    when is reasonably dry, I borrow grinder for plastic rifle destruction and make it into powder


    different shots this time

    is good

    butt of monkey is destroyed with Medical AIDS

    now we look at movies

    bykwn hu 'aezam!

    بيكون هو أعظم

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    Default Bearpup Trilogy: II – Destruction of Slug (... with depleted yellow cake gera...

    I saw your video the other day been waiting for this.
    Awesome as always .
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    Another epic build, well done comrade!

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    butt of monkey is destroyed with Medical AIDS

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    Awesome write up per usual!

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    Never stop being you, comrade.

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    Mein gott well done comrade

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    Amazed as usual

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    Sick. amazed.

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    Must have gotten into a bad case of vodka.

    As always, entertaining and just the right amount of awesome.

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