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    Default DIY: Chinese Sniper

    Rifle – main weapon of infrantry to destroy enemy with fire, bayonet and buttstock.

    Instruction for Infantry, Rifle 1891-30, 1944

    ... and now you know why your capitalist shoulder hurts.

    At first you thought that making a Chinese sniper went something like this

    but is not quiet true.

    After WWII, Soviets figuered out how to make buttload of most glorious three line rifles of Mosin. In fact Izhmash was cranking out 12 thousand a day ... Henry Ford would shit hammer and a sickle, would he known. However, new rifles like SKS and AK (be praised its name) were already in the works.

    Meanwhile in China, Mao calls uncle Joe

    Mao : "Hey broseph, listen, I got this guy from Arkansas keep calling me, telling me Americans want to buy beads and mirrors in exchange for gold. WTF, no one is that dumb. I need some ****ing rifles to defend fatherland."

    Joe: "Ha ha, yeah, what's next, they make a battle rifle out of aluminum? Ha, ha. Yeah, so I got a few of Mosins and I can give you the technology to make them too."

    Mao: "Dude, don't you have something in full auto ... at least semi auto?"

    Joe: "I'll make you a deal you can't refuse: each rifle comes with one free potato masher ... "

    ... well, we all know how that went ...

    Comrades ... I give you blueprints of communism and Mosin rifles ...

    If you think that T53 – Chinese produced copy of Soviet Mosin rifle is boring and is less traveled ... think again. In fact, if penguins decided to rebel against their capitalist overlords, it would be supplied to all 5 continents. Not only it saw action in the whole of south east Asia, but buttloads of them were shipped to Africa, Latin America and some other places where people yearn for freedom and goat sex.

    Manual says: point rifle, receive money

    These T53s come lightly coated in cosmoline, nothing a man with dirt under his fingernails can't handle. In better cases the cosmoline is 3/4 way turning into amber.

    Here is one with a Russian mag plate

    ... and some carving that appears to say "Berham" on top and something indescript on the bottom

    Once pull the hardware out of the stock, there be more cosmoline

    I'm planning on putting a scope on this rifle, and repro side mount + repro scope mount can be had for 120-140 bucks. Unlike capitalist AR monstrosities of "scout" scope mounts, you still have the iron sites to use when your shitty scope breaks.

    The side mount comes with even the drill and tap

    slapping it on the side is pretty painless

    The stock needs a reliefe carved out. I did mine with a box knife.

    And then we put this ****er together

    Is look good

    Bolt looks rough out of the box. I guarantee that it will not match any numbers found anywhere else on rifle.

    But with little pron and gentle stroking, it cleans nice.

    I "bent" the bolt by cutting handle in half and welding a piece of drill bit handle to make it look 90 degree. Then grind and more porn and sandpaper.

    bayonet ... a vital part of this glorious rifle is important. You may find it loose when folded. How the **** are you gonna sneak on some capitalist pig with a rattling bayonet to puncture his ass??? It's easily fixed by dropping a weld on the rubbing surface. You can fix bayonet in under a second by just flicking it out.

    Now about ammo. I slugged my T53s and all of them came out to .310 (land) I had some PPU which actually worked out very decent accuracy wise. There are also lighter loads that could be had with 123gr bullets.

    Unfortunately my very expensive, technologically advanced, "lab-rated" Ohaus scale shit the bed after being used only once a year ago.

    So I ended up using this scale instead, which despite it being covered in unidentified crap of various stickiness and smell was actually more accurate than the famed Ohaus scales ... just because it worked. The loads were +/- quarter of powder teaspoon.

    And this is the reason why your gAyRs will always suck.

    I attach cheap scope from China to the mount and find a sling.

    Is good. Capitalist pig is dead.

    Fist bump, bro!

    And now mandatory cat pron

    if you get offended by communism and anti-American crap coming from the country making iPhones, sneakers and American flags ... report to your commissar for re-education classes in Alaska.

    This is your future ... minus the crack pipe

    bykwn hu 'aezam!

    بيكون هو أعظم

    "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." ― Frederic Bastiat
    “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted." ― Ayn Rand

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    Lol I kinda shocked you didn't use a pu scope.

    I've been debating getting a sks/svd/psl rail for the bastard mosin .

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    I love your threads Boris, another great one!

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    Epic!!!!! Love my T53.

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    nicely done! This is the kind of cheap-er project I could use right now. Them German gun builds take consume gobs of time and money.
    I just wish once someone would call me "Sir" without adding, "you're making a scene."
    -Homer Simpson

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    Well written as usual, even without the vodka bottle somewhere in the background.
    If Boris did a thread on changing the toilet paper roll, I would subscribe.
    Wishing I could move to Galt's Gulch.

    "I usually watch when they stick it in and pull it out." - minininjer
    "It shot all over my face, counter, and the floor." - minininjer

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