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    Remind him this bill is not about "commercial sale."

    Oh and **** Scalia and the rest of SCOTUS.
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    From today's Nashua Telegraph:

    Odds improving for passage of casino bill in NH
    Kevin Landrigan
    More gun support

    Gun owner rights groups are mobilizing big-time now that the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee has narrowly voted, 10-8, in favor of requiring criminal background checks for all firearm sales in the state.

    The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is leading the charge, but it’s backed up by several disparate groups that maintain this is a national crusade by gun control advocates (read former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg) to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

    “I’ll be frank with you, I have been in touch with firearms civil-rights leaders in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Minnesota and Iowa,” NHFC Vice President Scott Krauss wrote. “They are all fighting so called ‘universal background checks’ or bans and criminalization of private sales of firearms. Last year, The Virginia Citizens Defense League defeated a ‘sell your gun to a friend go to jail’ bill.

    “Unfortunately, this type of anti-gun law was passed in Delaware last year! The gun ban elites know that if they can pass HB 1589 here in “live free or die” New Hampshire they can pass it anywhere.”

    Meanwhile, Sen. Sharon Carson, R-Londonderry, has gotten some pro-gun groups to endorse a commission to study New Hampshire’s interface with the federal criminal background check system.

    This would be an olive branch to Sen. David Watters, D-Durham, who wanted to require that anyone who had any court or guardian involvement as a mental health care client may be denied the right to buy a firearm.

    Hassan endorsed the study idea in her State of the State speech.

    The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition hasn’t been asked to take part in the commission, and sees no point in it, Treasurer Alan Rice said.

    “Once again, we are talking about criminalizing behavior by someone with a mental health issue who never committed a crime,” Rice said. “We see the bill as an absolute violation of Second Amendment rights for many citizens potentially, and would hope the Senate kills the bill outright.”

    Revamping updates

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    If anyone wants to respond to the points raised by Zandra Rice Hawkins... This letter was sent to all state house reps. by GSP. The letter is full of errors and omissions.
    The bolding did not come through. That would take a while to redo. If you want a copy emailed, please pm me.
    For the record, the letter is wrong, the bill needs to be ITL'd.

    Dear Legislators,

    My name is Zandra Rice Hawkins and I am the executive director of Granite State Progress. I write today to encourage you to support HB 1589, a bill that will require criminal background checks for all commercially advertised firearm sales in New Hampshire. Since there has been a lot of email traffic on this bill, our organization has put together the following information to help elected officials better understand the ins and outs of the legislation being voted on this week. My contact information follows for any further questions and we encourage you to reach out if we can help clarify any section of the bill or background.

    How Background Checks Work

    Under the federal Brady Act, criminal background checks must be conducted on individuals before a firearm may be purchased from a federally licensed dealer, manufacturer or importer – sometimes referred to as FFL’s. In New Hampshire, background checks on handgun purchases are conducted by the NH Department of Safety and background checks on long guns are conducted through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

    How Background Checks Save Lives

    Since the inception of the Brady Act thru 2010, over 118 million applications for firearm transfers or permits were subject to background checks. During this time period, about 2.1 million applications, or 1.8%, were denied. A Department of Justice study of applications from 1999 to 2010 found that:

    · A felony conviction or indictment was the most common reason to deny an application during FBI (63%) and state (50.7%) background checks.

    · Domestic abusers attempting to purchase guns accounted for the second most common reason of denials during FBI (15.5%) and state (13.2%) background checks.

    These numbers undercut the theory by some that criminals don’t do background checks – the data clearly shows that background checks have helped keep guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, and other prohibited persons.

    Why We Need HB 1589

    In 2013, New Hampshire conducted nearly 150,000 background checks to keep guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, and other prohibited persons. But commercially advertised guns sold in New Hampshire through private sales at gun shows, online, or the classifieds do not currently require a background check. Requiring a background check every time a gun is sold is effective in keeping guns out of the hands of those with a criminal record. HB 1589 will require a background check for all commercially advertised sales. This just makes sense: responsible gun owners shouldn't put guns in the hands of people they don't know.

    • Under HB 1589, commercially advertised gun sales – including online sales – would require a criminal background check through a federally licensed dealer using the same background check system already used in all dealer sales.

    • The bill defines commercial as “a sale, transfer, or exchange of a firearm that takes place at, or on the curtilage of, a gun show or pursuant to an offer to sell or buy a firearm that took place at a gun show, or pursuant to an advertisement, posting, listing, or display.”

    • Transfers and exchanges are included because it is not uncommon for a firearm to be traded rather than sold for financial value.

    • The bill defines that sales on the ‘curtilage of’ gun shows or ads are included. This deters parties from meeting at a gun show then going to the parking lot to sell a gun without running a background check.

    • This bill would help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and save lives. An overwhelming 89% of Granite Staters support background checks – including a majority of gun owners and NRA members. A polling memo from the past year with breakdown by party affiliation, when available, is attached. Please note the consistency demonstrated across these credible polling groups and the dissatisfaction with politicians who vote against background checks – your constituents want this common-sense policy implemented.

    What HB 1589 Won’t Do:

    • It does not affect law-abiding New Hampshire gun owners selling and trading guns between friends & family.

    • It expressly prohibits a gun registry.

    • It does not in any way tread on Second Amendment rights – (and frankly, this claim is tired. Background checks have been vetted and upheld thru the courts. They are clearly legitimate.)

    Please keep in mind that some of your constituents may have not seen the amended version of the bill, and so may be writing in response to the previous version – we have attached the amendment so you can easily share it as needed. Additionally, even with the original version of the bill, the NRA lobby sent out a misleading email that inappropriately characterized when a background check would be needed; many of your NRA member constituents may be confused on these points. The Portsmouth Herald story “NRA misleads N.H. members on legislation” can explain this quicker than any words here – but keep in mind, the bill has since been amended anyway: Portsmouth Herald, NRA misleads N.H. members on legislation, January 2014,

    In Response to Recent Rhetoric on “Commercial Sales”

    In response to some of the banter that has been thrown about, it’s important for legislators to know that New Hampshire law right now does not have any requirements regarding how private citizens sell pistols and revolvers, so long as the sales are not done with such frequency or regularity as to constitute a business – a “commercial sale”. [State v. Timothy Geddes, 2004] The catch here is the difference between commercial sales – conducted by gun dealers who regularly sell guns and are required to conduct background checks – and commercially advertised sales (see previous definition), which are sold by private sellers to people they do not know without background checks. The latter is the focus of HB 1589; commercially advertised sales by definition mean selling a gun to someone you don’t know – most would agree that it is reasonable that a background check should always be required in this situation.

    If you’re curious for one example of what a commercially advertised gun sale in New Hampshire looks like, visit You can scroll the several pages of guns for sale in New Hampshire that are sold or traded without a criminal background check. Under HB 1589, instead of a seller and buyer meeting up in a parking lot to make the trade, they would instead meet at the store of a federally licensed dealer who would conduct a criminal background using the same background check system already used in all dealer sales. This process will help keep guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, and other prohibited persons – and will save lives.

    About NH Gun Shows …

    You may have seen the line: “We have laws in place and federal laws where dealers are required to do background checks at gun shows.” Yes, that’s true but it’s also misleading.

    Gun dealers, regardless of where they are, must conduct background checks. But there is no state law restricting private sellers from selling guns to strangers at gun shows in New Hampshire, or requiring them to do background checks before they do so. This is the “gun show loophole” - when gun dealers who must conduct background checks have a table next to private sellers who don’t. The private sellers don’t have to because they are theoretically not selling guns with such frequency or regularity as to constitute a business (see above) and thus do not have to be licensed or conduct background checks. (Of note: all four guns used in the Columbine massacre were purchased by private sellers at gun shows.)

    Gun show loopholes are a huge problem because they provide an open venue for bad actors to cherry-pick the table they make a purchase from, so as to avoid background checks. This is less of an issue in New Hampshire right now because there is a voluntary effort to only have licensed dealer tables at gun shows – and that is a good thing. However, gun shows still attract private sellers who can hawk guns out of car trunks which is why the ‘on the curtilage of’ language in the bill is important. In any case, HB 1589 would cement in law that all vendors and sales at New Hampshire gun shows must require a criminal background check, in addition to requiring a background check for any online or other commercially advertised form of sale in New Hampshire.

    The Two Sides of the Debate

    We respect and understand that every legislator must review the information and make a decision for themselves about what vote best represents the wishes of their constituents and the public safety needs in New Hampshire. In weighing this decision, however, we’d politely encourage you to consider who is debating the merits of HB 1589 and who is ideologically opposed to gun violence prevention efforts:

    · Rep. JR Hoell told the Portsmouth Herald that he does not believe in any form of criminal background check, even the ones currently on the books that have blocked 2 million sales to felons, domestic abusers, and other prohibited persons [Portsmouth Herald, January 2014]

    · Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt also said his organization believes all background checks should be “abolished” [Christian Science Monitor, April 2010]

    · Richard Olson, a local game & fish club officer, actually claimed that background checks cause an increase in rape. [Granite Grok, March 2013: “Delays are undoubtedly just an inconvenience for most people buying guns. But for a few, it makes a huge difference in their ability to defend themselves against assailants. Indeed, my own research suggests these delays might actually contribute to a slight net increase in violent crime, particularly rapes.”]

    · Rep. Emily Sandblade is against requiring a criminal background check to keep felons, domestic abusers, and other prohibited buyers from easily obtaining a gun, but she is sponsoring HB 1328 to require health care navigators to undergo criminal background checks – and additionally, to be fingerprinted. [“Applicants for a health insurance exchange navigator’s license shall submit directly to the department of safety a notarized criminal history records release form, as provided by the New Hampshire division of state police, which authorizes the release of the person’s criminal records, if any, to the department. The person shall submit with the release form a complete set of fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement agency or an authorized employee of the department of safety.”]

    · None of these individuals are opposed to HB 1589 because it’s ‘not the right answer for New Hampshire’. They are opposed to criminal background checks for firearm purchases, period.

    In contrast, 89% of Granite Staters do support background checks – the polling numbers cut across party lines as well as gun ownership. The majority of responsible gun owners understand the danger in selling a gun to someone you don’t know, and recognize that background checks are a small delay for potentially life-saving results. You can be both pro-2nd Amendment and pro-reasonable public safety measures.

    One Last Note

    In addition to all of the facts and information above, I would like to take a small moment to share with you how I personally became aware of background checks and gun violence prevention, because I think it is a common story for those in my generation and younger for whom gun violence has become an increasingly common and scary part of life in America.

    In 1999, I was a high school senior, getting ready for tennis districts and the prom, and eagerly awaiting college acceptance letters. That same spring, my peers at Columbine High School were experiencing a very different senior year. On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered the school with four guns – all commercially advertised guns sold without background checks. In less than an hour, they had murdered 13 people, injured 24 others, and committed suicide. What most people don’t know about Columbine is that it wasn’t originally supposed to be a school shooting; the shooters had actually planned a large-scale bombing and only intended to use the guns to pick off survivors as they fled the building. After the bombs didn’t go off, the shooters decided to enter the building because they had the guns to do so – can you imagine what the outcome might have been had they not had that option? The woman who purchased three of the guns for the shooters said later that she would not have done it if she had been required to undergo a background check.

    Fifteen years have passed this spring since the Columbine massacre. But despite the call for action after Columbine, despite the renewed call for public safety after Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown, the hundreds of daily shootings and on and on and on … despite this, action has not often followed those calls. New Hampshire’s HB 1589 won’t solve every problem. And it’s no secret that our organization would prefer that these changes be made at the federal level instead. But in the absence of that – and in the face of continued public safety tragedies, both large and small – New Hampshire has a good bill before it that is reasonable and which will save lives if implemented.


    Hopefully this information has helped provide a clearer picture of the legislation before you. Our organization sincerely requests your support for HB 1589 on Wednesday and so we gladly offer our contact information to discuss the bill at any point this weekend or over the next few days.You can let us know where you are on this bill or submit questions by using this online survey form: We will work to answer inquiries as quickly as possible.

    Thank you – and we look forward to your support on Wednesday.
    Zandra Rice Hawkins
    Executive Director
    Granite State Progress
    Office: (603) 225.2471
    [email protected]

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    Design, email me a copy and I'll take a whack at responding. It shouldn't be too hard. I can see that her facts are misleading. I should be able to come up with something that you can blast back to the reps tomorrow night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noddaduma View Post
    Design, email me a copy and I'll take a whack at responding. It shouldn't be too hard. I can see that her facts are misleading. I should be able to come up with something that you can blast back to the reps tomorrow night.
    Rick Olsen posted about this on Grok. Talk about long winded. She wrote (or more likely, someone wrote it for her) over 2,300 words.

    Rick's analysis of it:

    This email is 2,301 words long. If you want to talk about Bloviation, this is a textbook example. Where to begin? No point in going point by point….we don’t have all century….So, here are the facts….

    FACT: It is against the law to sell guns in New Hampshire without first being licensed to do so. N.H. RSA 159:10, originated in 1923, predates the GCA of 1968, obviously. One must be licensed to sell guns in New Hampshire. Period. It is a felony to do so without being licensed. In fact, In addition to a Federal License a local license may issue. See RSA 159:8.

    FACT: I may sell a pistol or revolver to a person I personally know. RSA 159:14 added this exemption. Under FEDERAL law, I am permitted to sell a long gun to a person, “as long as he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law.

    FACT: State vs. Geddes has been grossly mischaracterized by the proponents of this bill. It is clear they have not read the decision in full, nor understand it. The decision is available publicly for all to read.

    FACT: There is no gunshow loophole. To sell guns out of the trunk of a car violates New Hampshire Law. To sell a gun to a person not known to the seller is breaking the law. Many people who sell a pistol to a friend have knowledge that that friend holds a New Hampshire Pistol and revolver license. Holding such a license is sufficient evidence that a person may transfer a gun to another without channeling it through a dealer. Colorados laws are Colorados laws and New Hampshire’s are New Hampshires. It is a crime to transfer a firearm to a person you do not know. The law says so, Geddes says so and Federal law says so.

    FACT: Many FFL dealers use Arms list. Arms list has been pointed to as a place where people can purchase guns without a background check. Show me an example of a gun used in a crime in New Hampshire was purchased by a person not allowed by law to own a firearm? I purchased a firearm off of Arms List last year and was directed to a local dealer to take possession. I had to pay the transfer fee and the sellers fees. No law-abiding citizens wants it on his or her conscience that he or she might sell to a felon or other prohibited person. Armslist is subject to periodic review from time to time by the ATF.

    FACT: Emily Sandblade, JR Hoell and I do not want firearms to fall into the wrong hands. Equally, we want the sanctity of the Second Amendment respected and balanced without confusing, ambiguous or arbitrary laws that turn ordinary law-abiding citizens into criminals. Ms. Hawkins would have you believe we are lawless. Another bold lie.

    FACT: New Hampshire is the safest place to live and has the lowest crime rate in the country. I challenge any legislator to come up with “state” statistics that say otherwise, decrying the need for this arbitrary law change.

    FACT: The study of New Hampshire residents that Zandra Rice-Hawkins cites is a flawed study from New England College that, despite repeated requests by Granite Grok, Dr. Ben Tafoya would not defend his study.

    FACT: None of the anecdotes Hawkins cites are specific to New Hampshire. Hawkins brings nothing factual about the granite state to the table, other than a couple of anti-gun lawmakers who simply want to take a shot at Granite State Gun owners. We simply are not persuaded.

    Law-Abiding Citizens assented to the National Firearms Act of 1934. Some decided that wasn’t enough. The Gun Control Act was signed into law in 1968 by president Johnson…Still, some have decided that wasn’t enough. when the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 was passed, Anti-gun Senator Hughes added an amendment outlawed legally owned machine guns….which were dealt with by the NFA of 34. Citizens assented to the Brady Bill establishing the NICS. and yet now that isn’t enough

    WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE ENOUGH??? This bill is another tog in the wheel of incrementalism. We say No more! If this is passed, this same crowd will be back with something else to ban, restrict or outlaw….
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    From this morning's Union Leader:

    LANCASTER — Although he agrees that firearms should not be in the hands of criminals and those with mental illnesses, a local businessman fears that legislation considered by the state's House of Representatives would not prevent either, but would only further erode the Second Amendment rights of responsible gun owners.
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    Here's how I'm approaching it:

    Proponents of the bill are claiming this only applies to commercial sales. If that were true, this bill is simply a duplicate of existing laws and thus completely meaningless. So either proponents are lying, or they like wasting the legislature's time.

    They can't have it both ways and claim progress. Either the bill fully excludes personal transfers and is thus utterly meaningless by making things illegal which are already illegal, OR it further expands the law and will interfere with more transactions. The law cannot simultaneously "stop more bad transfers" and at the same time not increase the net of who's being checked. It's either one or the other.
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    Default NH ACTION ALERT: HB1589 Latest Amendment will shut down NES Classifieds

    I wrote something up last night to blast to the reps rebutting that Hawkins letter but holy cow I couldn't properly address it all and get it down under 2000 words just because of all the bullshit she put in it.
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    List of Democrat state reps and phone numbers.....most are home phone numbers....light 'em up

    Belknap Arsenault, Beth R Laconia 528-1727
    Belknap DiMartino, Lisa Laconia 496-1115
    Belknap Gulick, Ruth P New Hampton 744-2471
    Belknap Huot, David O Laconia 524-7641
    Belknap Raymond, Ian P Sanbornton 524-2316
    Carroll Buco, Thomas L Conway 986-5629
    Carroll Butler, Edward A Harts Location 374-6131
    Carroll Lavender, Tom Brookfield
    Carroll Ticehurst, Susan J Tamworth 323-8040
    Carroll White, Syndi G North Conway 356-6298
    Cheshire Ames, Richard Jaffrey 532-6781
    Cheshire Berch, Paul S Westmoreland 399-4960
    Cheshire Butynski, William Hinsdale 336-7498
    Cheshire Chase, Cynthia L Keene 357-2381
    Cheshire Eaton, Daniel A Stoddard 446-3535
    Cheshire Johnsen, Gladys Keene 358-5164
    Cheshire Lerandeau, Alfred C N. Swanzey 352-7991
    Cheshire Ley, Douglas A Jaffrey 532-8556
    Cheshire Mann, John E Alstead 835-9095
    Cheshire Parkhurst, Henry A. L. Winchester 239-8945
    Cheshire Phillips, Larry R Keene 357-4315
    Cheshire Roberts, Kris E Keene 352-1105
    Cheshire Robertson, Timothy N Keene 352-7006
    Cheshire Sad, Tara A Walpole 756-4861
    Cheshire Shepardson, Marjorie J Marlborough 876-4027
    Cheshire Tatro, Bruce L Swanzey 352-3904
    Cheshire Weber, Lucy M Walpole 756-4338
    Cheshire Weed, Charles F Keene 352-8309
    Cheshire Young, Harry L Jaffrey 532-9998
    Coos Coulombe, Gary M Berlin 723-0102
    Coos Enman, Larry S Errol 482-3303
    Coos Hammon, Marcia Whitefield 837-2109
    Coos Hatch, William A Gorham 466-9491
    Coos Moynihan, Wayne T Dummer 449-2058
    Coos Theberge, Robert L Berlin 752-5672
    Coos Thomas, Yvonne D Berlin 752-1816
    Grafton Aguiar, James D Campton 726-3412
    Grafton Almy, Susan W Lebanon 448-4769
    Grafton Benn, Bernard L Hanover 643-1925
    Grafton Brown, Rebecca A Sugar Hill 823-8119
    Grafton Cooney, Mary R Plymouth 536-1141
    Grafton Ford, Susan M Easton 823-5609
    Grafton Friedrich, Carol H Wentworth 764-5765
    Grafton Harding, Laurie Lebanon 448-5206
    Grafton Higgins, Patricia C Hanover 643-3989
    Grafton Lauer, Linda D Bath 747-4001
    Grafton Lovett, Sid Holderness 968-7532
    Grafton Massimilla, Linda LIttleton 444-5270
    Grafton Mulholland, Catherine Grafton 523-4497
    Grafton Nordgren, Sharon Hanover 643-5068
    Grafton Pastor, Beatriz Lyme 795-4315
    Grafton Piper, Wendy A Enfield 632-7179
    Grafton Smith, Suzanne J Hebron 744-9064
    Grafton Sykes, George E Lebanon 667-1834
    Grafton Townsend, Charles L Canaan 632-7493
    Grafton White, Andrew A Lebanon 448-2977
    Hillsborough Backus, Robert A Manchester 232-0525
    Hillsborough Beaulieu, Jane E Manchester 203-8440
    Hillsborough Boisvert, Ronald R Manchester 669-0951
    Hillsborough Booras, Efstathia C Nashua 886-5886
    Hillsborough Brown, Pamela T Nashua 930-6999
    Hillsborough Campbell, David B Nashua 531-0831
    Hillsborough Carroll, Douglas L Nashua 579-3684
    Hillsborough Chandley, Shannon E Amherst 672-6540
    Hillsborough Connor, Evelyn M Weare 529-1748
    Hillsborough Cote, David E Nashua 882-2244
    Hillsborough DiSilvestro, Linda A Manchester 645-6729
    Hillsborough Dobson, Jeremy S Manchester 935-8693
    Hillsborough Eaton, Richard S Greenville 878-1768
    Hillsborough Gage, Ruth E Goffstown 497-4018
    Hillsborough Gale, Sylvia E Nashua 883-6628
    Hillsborough Garcia, Michael A Nashua 305-7950
    Hillsborough Gidge, Kenneth N Nashua 888-2355
    Hillsborough Goley, Jeffrey P Manchester 626-6659
    Hillsborough Gorman, Mary J Nashua 886-1652
    Hillsborough Grady, Brenda E Merrimack 424-4589
    Hillsborough Hackel, Paul L Nashua 595-6648
    Hillsborough Hammond, Jill S Peterborough 547-0715
    Hillsborough Hansberry, Daniel C Nashua 888-5634
    Hillsborough Harriott-Gathright, Linda Nashua 880-4537
    Hillsborough Heath, Mary Manchester 622-0895
    Hillsborough Heden, Ruth S Milford 673-7036
    Hillsborough Jack, Martin L Nashua 318-0457
    Hillsborough Jeudy, Jean L Manchester 645-5290
    Hillsborough Katsiantonis, George Manchester 785-5567
    Hillsborough Katsiantonis, Thomas Manchester 627-9652
    Hillsborough Kelley, John D Nashua 880-4083
    Hillsborough Knowles, Mary Ann Hudson 880-4908
    Hillsborough Kopka, Angeline A Nashua 577-5561
    Hillsborough Leishman, Peter R Peterborough 924-0004
    Hillsborough Levesque, Melanie A Brookline 672-3951
    Hillsborough Long, Patrick T Manchester 668-1037
    Hillsborough MacKay, Mariellen J Nashua 577-8932
    Hillsborough Mangipudi, Latha Nashua 891-1239
    Hillsborough Manley, Jonathan F Bennington 588-2427
    Hillsborough McCloskey, David Manchester 626-7692
    Hillsborough McNamara, Richard D Hillsborough 464-0212
    Hillsborough Nelson, Mary S Nashua 888-5384
    Hillsborough O'Brien, Michael B Nashua 888-8051
    Hillsborough O'Flaherty, Tim Manchester 706-9559
    Hillsborough O'Neil, William J Manchester 644-5277
    Hillsborough Palangas, Eric Manchester 622-4638
    Hillsborough Porter, Marjorie A Hillsborough 464-0225
    Hillsborough Ramsey, Peter E Manchester 668-9702
    Hillsborough Rhodes, Brian D Nashua
    Hillsborough Rokas, Ted Manchester 620-2228
    Hillsborough Rosenwald, Cindy Nashua 595-9896
    Hillsborough Schmidt, Janice E Nashua 880-6060
    Hillsborough Shattuck, Gilman C Hillsborough 464-3850
    Hillsborough Shaw, Barbara E Manchester 626-4681
    Hillsborough Smith, Timothy J Manchester 657-0324
    Hillsborough Soucy, Timothy A Nashua 305-5012
    Hillsborough Spratt, Stephen P Greenville 878-0657
    Hillsborough Sullivan, Daniel J Manchester 627-5044
    Hillsborough Sullivan, Peter M Manchester 647-5453
    Hillsborough Vail, Suzanne M Nashua 320-3308
    Hillsborough Walsh, Robert M Manchester 759-9668
    Hillsborough Williams, Carol A Manchester 622-2565
    Hillsborough Williams, Kermit R Wilton 654-7684
    Hillsborough Winters, Joel F Nashua 624-5635
    Hillsborough Woodbury, David New Boston 487-2634
    Merrimack Alicea, Caroletta C Boscawen 796-6119
    Merrimack Andrews, Christopher R Bow 848-7707
    Merrimack Bartlett, Christy D Concord 224-3172
    Merrimack Bouchard, Candace C W Concord 226-2214
    Merrimack Burns, Scott A Franklin 203-7727
    Merrimack Carey, Lorrie J Boscawen 796-2272
    Merrimack Carson, Clyde J Warner 456-2562
    Merrimack Davis, Frank W Pembroke 485-9953
    Merrimack Ebel, Karen E New London 748-3876
    Merrimack Frambach, Mary E Epsom 736-9295
    Merrimack Frazer, June M Concord 228-0048
    Merrimack French, Barbara C Henniker 428-3366
    Merrimack Gile, Mary Stuart Concord 224-2278
    Merrimack Henle, Paul J Concord 224-7756
    Merrimack Hirsch, Geoffrey D Bradford 938-2833
    Merrimack Hunt, Jane J Concord 228-8648
    Merrimack Karrick, David B Warner 456-2772
    Merrimack Kelly, Sally H Chichester 798-5806
    Merrimack MacKay, James R Concord 224-0623
    Merrimack Moffett, Howard M Canterbury 782-4993
    Merrimack Myler, Mel Contoocook 746-5294
    Merrimack Patten, Dick W Concord 228-1803
    Merrimack Ratzki, Mario F East Andover 735-5440
    Merrimack Rice, Chip L Concord 224-2886
    Merrimack Richardson, Gary B Hopkinton 746-4315
    Merrimack Rogers, Katherine D Concord 496-8521
    Merrimack Schamberg, Thomas C Wilmot
    Merrimack Schuett, Dianne E Pembroke 224-0314
    Merrimack Shurtleff, Stephen J Penacook 753-4563
    Merrimack Turcotte, Alan J Allenstown 485-2349
    Merrimack Wallner, Mary Jane Concord 225-5249
    Merrimack Walz, Mary Beth E Bow 225-1968
    Merrimack Watrous, Rick H Concord 228-2446
    Merrimack Webb, Leigh A Franklin 934-8222
    Rockingham Andrews-Ahearn, E. Elaine Hampton Falls 772-7069
    Rockingham Borden, David A New Castle 436-4132
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    Strafford Hooper, Dorothea D Dover 749-6418
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    Strafford Hubbard, Pamela J Rochester 332-4093
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    Strafford Malloy, Dennis J Barrington 664-9870
    Strafford Menear, H. Robert Durham 397-5267
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    Strafford Schmidt, Peter B Dover 743-3751
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    Strafford Spainhower, Dale S Somersworth 750-4112
    Strafford Spang, Judith T Durham 659-5936
    Strafford Stevens, Audrey M Rochester 332-3863
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    Strafford Ward, Kenneth J Rollinsford 988-7580
    Sullivan Cloutier, John R Claremont 542-6190
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    Sullivan Gottling, Suzanne H Sunapee 763-5904
    Sullivan Irwin, Virginia Newport 863-3582
    Sullivan Lefebvre, Benjamin P Grantham 677-2722
    Sullivan O'Hearne, Andrew S Claremont 558-1038
    Sullivan Schmidt, Andrew R Grantham 863-1247
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    My newest letter compiled from a lot of things posted here and then edited to be cohesive. Please feel free to use it.

    Good Morning Gentlemen and Gentlewomen,

    I am writing this morning to respond to the primary reason I see given for supporting HB1589, and to point out its fallacy, that this bill applies only to commercial sales. Many responses are coming back to me claiming that HB1589 exempts personal transactions.
    There are the obvious two possibilities, this statement is true or false. Let us first follow the claim this is true. If so, this bill does absolutely nothing tbut duplicate current law, and is a waste of the legislature's time. It is against the law to sell guns commercially in New Hampshire without first being licensed to do so. N.H. RSA 159:10, originated in 1923, predates the GCA of 1968, and states one must be licensed to sell guns as a business in New Hampshire. It is a felony to do so without being licensed. Commercially selling firearms in NH without a license means breaking two existing laws.
    Additionally, in reference to the continued touts of a "gun show loophole" pressed by people who appear to be drastically under educated in current US and NH firearm law, one may sell a pistol or revolver to a person personally known to the seller, or to someone who proves they are not a prohibited perso. In NH this would be a close acquaintance of the seller or the buyer showing a concealed pistol permit, as attaining said permit requires passing a background (NICS) check. RSA 159:14 added this exemption. Under FEDERAL law, all sellers are permitted to sell a long gun to a person, “as long as he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law. Thus making it against the law, twice, to sell a gun to an unfit individual.
    There is no gunshow loophole in NH. To sell guns out of the trunk of a car violates New Hampshire Law. To sell a gun to a person not known to the seller is breaking the law. If the sponsors of this bill want to stop something they believe is happening, sales at gun shows to unfit persons, all they must do is have the police enforce the existing NH statute. So my question to people who claim this law only applies to dealers and guns shows is why would we pass a second NH bill making something illegal that is already illegal? The only reason a legislator would do so is to expend the net and start violating individual rights. Such a law, if it only applies to commercial sales, is not going to decrease any claimed crime that is occurring any more than the existing law does. If a criminal is willing to break one state law and a very harsh federal law, why will passing a third law stop them? The obvious truth is it won't and the bill is meaningless and should be ITL'd.
    Now, I would like to address the second possibility of the claimed "private sale exemption" being touted, that it is either a complete and direct lie by those claiming it, or they have not actually read the amendment. The amendment states "Commercial Sale is defined as: a sale, transfer, or exchange of a firearm ... pursuant to an advertisement, posting, listing, or display." Every private sale is pursuant to some sort of advertisement, whether verbal, written on a bulletin board at a gun club, or otherwise. How will the buyer know the firearm is for sale if you never 'advertised' it? This catch 22 mean all currently non-Commercial Sales will be a 'Commercial Sale'. I believe this legislation is specifically written like this to confuse the average Citizen and allow reps to feel good voting for it.
    This interpretation is the only way in which this bill can expand current NICS checks. I believe this is the very intent of the people who wrote this bill and the amendment, because as show above in the truth section, to not interpret the amendment this way would negate any and all intended or claimed effects by the bills sponsors. Can any legislator guarantee that over zealous DAs or police departments would not try to interpret the bill this way? I think we all know they will and further the erosion of gun rights in NH, which is exactly what the sponsors are hoping will happen.
    In summary there are only two possible explanations for the "exemption" amendment, both of which should lead you to kill this bill. Either the bill does not expand current NICS check situations and is thus moot, or it does significantly at the detriment to law abiding citizens. It cannot both expand NICS and FFL conveyed sales AND not infringe upon personal transfers. Such an interpretation or claim is not feasible.
    I hope you will vote to end this clear attempt to make NH less free through ambiguous laws. If anyone would like to discuss other ways in which his bill erodes our freedom, such as it expends what is considered a "firearm" (like fireworks and nail guns) by creating a new and very vague definition that does not reference current law, I ask you please contact me at any time. Both my cell phone and email are below. I thank you for your time.


    Kevin Rukstela
    Si vis pacem, para bellum - If you wish for peace, prepare for war

    Have you heard about the vast Libertarian conspiracy? We want to take over the government and then.... Leave you alone.

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