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    Default Turk 38/46 Mauser Short Rifle

    Hi, I'm new to the forums (bit of a lurker before), and thought you'd be interested in a 1945 K.Kale Turk 38/46 I acquired last week. Of course, she came with cosmoline in the nooks and crannies, definitely some wear, but she cleaned up nice. The last picture is with her older brother, the full-length Turk 38 (The bayonet seen is for the older Turk, but fits the 38/46 as well).

    Shot these two groups at 25 yards using a literal benchrest (Knocked over a stool and rested the barrel on that). The white circle in the center is slightly larger than a quarter.

    After seeing the groups, I started taking shots at the 200 yard range gong while crouching. She shot several inches high, but the gong was ringing on almost every shot once I figured out the placement. It's a very easy rifle to keep stable, and incredibly fun to shoot.

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    Good groups; gotta love old Mausers.

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