I work at a gun shop with my grandfather and we recently stumbled upon a rather peculiar piece. A neighbor of ours was recently trying to sell a house that belonged to him and while cleaning it found this Walther PP beneath a floorboard in the attic. Now the house used to belong to a WW2 vet and we believe he is the one who put it there.

The strange thing is that this firearm has a serial number with a "p" after it and the letters "ac" underneath but those are the only markings on the gun. The numbers are all matching but their is no crown or N or anything else usually associated with the Walther PP's.

Also the magazines are not numbered and the only markings they show are a small "w" at the bottom. Unsure of the meaning behind that as well.

We believe that this was a product of the German's trying to produce as many guns as possible near the end of the war, and due to it's high serial number this one was likely manufactured around March of 1945.

I was just wondering if anyone had a little more knowledge on the subject and might have some more insight as too the lack of markings or what something like this might even be worth.

Thanks in advance!