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    Default North East High Power Rifle League (NEHPRL) 2012 match schedule

    April 29, Hopkinton, MA
    May 5, Chicopee, MA
    May 20, Hudson, MA
    June 10, Westfield , MA
    June 23, Chicopee, MA
    July 14, Chicopee, MA
    July 22, Hopkinton, MA
    August 12, Hudson, MA
    August 19, Hopkinton, MA
    August 25, Chicopee, MA
    (Sept 8, 9: Garand and '03 Springfield weekend, Chicopee)
    Sept. 16, Hopkinton, MA
    Sept. 23, Westfield, MA
    Sept. 30, Westfield, MA
    Oct. 14, Hudson, MA
    Oct. 21, Hopkinton, MA

    We shoot 50 record shots - National Match Course
    Contact [email protected] for additional info.
    League website

    First shot Chicopee, 8:00, Saturdays, 200 yards, two relays
    First shot Hudson, 9:00, Sundays, 100 yards, two relays
    First shot Westfield, 8:00, Sundays, 300 yards, squadding/pits
    First shot Hopkinton, 10:00, Sundays, 100 yards, one relay

    Nice bunch of guys. Several club teams. New teams and individual shooters welcome! We are kind to competition newcomers.

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    O.P. Please list the names of the clubs instead of just the town, for those not in the know. Thanks.

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