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    Yes there are knock off gun parts. Below are two examples of parts installed in what is marketed as a "custom" gun. Knock off are not only cheaply made, they are many times made out of spec. Look at this imitation STI hammer strut, not only is it not titanium like the genuine part , the radius is way off. Not to mention the poor machine work. The hammer is a fake Nowlin copy, the material is soft and the casting is very poor. If you are paying top dollar for a custom gun, get a list from the smith of the exact parts being used or get the original packages the parts come in. Both of the real manufactures and designers of the parts have quality control, the knock off maker and the person who installed them probably not.

    Buyer beware.
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    Wow, I can't believe the factory even let that leave the production room!
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    good to know. nice photos, thanks
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    Is that from Red Jacket? looks like a kid made it in a shed

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    Even OEM makers screw up every now and then.
    I once got a Power Custom Free Spin Pawl from Brownells that had the stud pressed into the wrong side.

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