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    Default NVIS and 60-300 mile contact

    Has anybody done NVIS to reach contacts 50-300 miles away? Have you had any luck with repeatability?

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    I have a G5RV mounted about 15 feet high that gives me a very consistent 300-500 mile radius in all but the worst conditions (like last week). In my particular location it also allows very good DX propagation but that has to do with ground conductivity so your results may vary. I have consistently had contacts with a Ham in Vermont that has his G5 about 5 feet up and he gets GREAT reports in about the same radius. In a test last summer I laid a wire on the ground under the G5 that was about 10 feet longer and my signal to a ham in Pa. increased from 9 to a reported +10 however I soon found out that this pretty much killed any DX. Here's an article on NVIS that has lots of info...

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