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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy in NH View Post
    Allegedly, Camp Lejeune is the habitat for rattlesnakes, cotton mouths and coral snakes.

    I saw a few of the cotton mouths, but never any of the others. We did have a cotton mouth make an appearance in the middle of a foot patrol - needless to say the noise discipline and formation took a turn for the worse!

    We had more trouble with the bees, ticks, and chiggers.

    We would occasionally find a coral snake or two in the MP hut at the Snead's Ferry gate at Camp Lejeune. The snakes that always scared the pants off me were the Habu snakes on Okinawa though. I enjoyed the Habu/Mongoose fights in town though.
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    When I was in SOI in Lejuene a kid was on med hold for "charming a rattle snake." Apparently he did his job because it kissed him on the hand. My instructors killed a couple with e-tools on fighting hole week.


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    Quote Originally Posted by derek View Post
    I don't know the name of the plant that makes Camp Pendleton smell the way it does but when I smell it I think of Edson Range and humping up the grim reaper.
    Lying in my sleeping bag and seeing headlights on Interstate 5 knowing every single car was either going to Taco Bell or McDonalds and I already polished off my MRE for the night.
    I have similar memories of, lets call them...leisurely jogs on the beach... and looking out to the water and seeing people in boats having a grand old time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWPaolilliJr View Post
    Lots of eucalyptus trees in that area.

    I have never eaten an MRE, The shit we got in the field came out cans, C rations. But could we ever work some magic on that stuff.
    You bet. All you needed was some hot sauce. Remember those damn ham and mutha's and
    trading like crazy for the cinnamon nut roll?

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    I would give 100 bucks for a case of the old B-Units. I even liked the Ham and Lima beans.....
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    [QUOTE=Andy in NH;2314011] I know for me, the smell of salt flats, or the sight of Spanish moss instantly brings back thoughts of Parris Island.

    I was born on Parris Island on July 4th 1980.
    I remember getting off the bus in the middle of the night, standing on those yellow foot prints.
    Some wise ass from inside the old wooden barracks tossed some firecrackers in our midst and said something like here's your fireworks. That South Carolina heat ran up my pant legs and my balls were sweating til the day I left! I knew I wasnt in Hanover MA. anymore!
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