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    Default internal hinge gun safe, can the door be removed?

    I have a Champion Challenger Gun Safe that I want to move. I have moved it myself several times but this time it's going up some stairs. I know it has internal hinges and was hoping someone has one and has tried to take the door off.


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    The address is 410 Great Road, Littleton, MA 01460. Exit 31 off 495.

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    I too have a safe with the internal hinge and asked a "safe" company if they come off. I was told no. They said even if you think you can get it off, it won't line up again. Mine safe is a Cannon, but has the same type internal hinge. Try calling a few safe dealers and see if you get the same answer.

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    Tommy, If I were moving a safe, I'd empty it and hire a professional. Such as a safe company or a moving company. You may want to contact NES member Atlas about this. He works for Atlas Movers.
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    Had same problem with internal hinge. Made 2 plates and drilled and bolted them to the back of the hinge to maintain the alignment then removed them and cut the hinge and rebolted the door after I moved it. No problems at all. Option 2 is 3-4 friends, case of beer and a refrigerator hand truck.

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