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    Default Mossberg 185 D 20ga Bolt Action

    Hey guys,
    I have recently acquired my grandfather's Mossberg 185D 20ga bolt action shotgun from a crawl space in the attic and I have a few questions. This gun hasn't been fired in probably ~20 years. It also wasn't well stored. So with that in mind it has your regular "sitting in an attic surrounded by mice" kind of finish (there were even seeds/droppings in the magazine well). It has a decent amount of surface rust on the barrel, but the inner working parts and the portions covered by the stock are in decent shape, just a nice patina on them. There is a little debris in the barrel, and probably some slight surface rust as well. So I was wondering if anyone knows any tips on removing surface rust without destroying anything. As I said, this is my grandfather's gun and it is a very sentimental piece, so I am taking as much precaution as possible. But, like any good shooter, I want to be able to bring this out to the range with my brother and see it sling some lead.
    Also, does anyone know a place where I can get a replacement, or even factory original magazine for it? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    First off to attempt to rid yourself of the rust. Soak a rag in gun oil, and wipe it down. That should take off most of the surface rust with a bit of elbow grease. If you still have problems, very lightly rub with oil, and the finest steel wool you can find.
    For your magazine....

    Cheers, clean that up, and shoot it a little bit.

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    I have 2 of these, one was my mother's, the other my grandfather's. I took many deer and turkeys in Western NY with them both before I knew that "only women and kids shoot twenty gauges." Funny, but the deer looked just as dead, and tasted even better.

    Enjoy that little gun and take it out shooting. Your grandfather would probably appreciate it.
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    Before you do the rust-removing, take the wood off of the metal. I'd also run a dry patch through the bore, to see if it feels "sticky" - if the outside has surface rust, the inside might, too.

    That said, enjoy it! Not ideal for Skeet, but I've seen old bolt guns on the trap range, and, if they fit the shooter, breaking targets.
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