• 7 Mistakes Coyote Hunters Make

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    Article by JOE ARTERBURN

    Realtree Pro Staffer Byron South's Predator Hunting Pet Peeves

    As simple as the fundamentals of coyote hunting are, someone is out there, virtually every day, making mistakes through inattention to detail or, in some cases, by overthinking what should be a fairly simple, and fun, process.

    And that bothers Realtree pro staffer Byron South, who has been hunting predators for 30-plus years. “It’s a pet peeve of mine,” he said. “Calling coyotes can be difficult so being unprepared to create the opportunity or to seize it when it comes can be very frustrating,” he said.

    South, a professional predator hunter, is co-founder of Convergent Hunting Solutions, which designs and manufactures game calls, so he has the credentials to back his list of common mistakes predator hunters make. Call ‘em Byron’s Pet Peeves of Predator Hunting.

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    1. Kevin_NH's Avatar
      Kevin_NH -
      Anybody have a similar list for night hunting? New Hampshire's night coyote season runs Jan. 1 to March 31, so mostly what people tell me is "Layers. lots of layers."
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