• Nancy Pelosi: We Must Defeat Suppressor Deregulation Because an Angry Progressive Shot Steve Scalise

    By AWR Hawkins

    As Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was welcomed back to Congress on September 28, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pointed to the attack–in which a progressive shot Scalise–and argued that suppressors ought not be deregulated.

    It must be noted that a suppressor was not used when the attacker opened fire in Congressional baseball players on June 14.

    According to Roll Call, Pelosi said the GOP has placed suppressor deregulation “under the facade that it’s for hunters.” She then regurgitated the same false, leftist narrative that the result of suppressor regulation would be silenced, undetectable guns.

    She mentioned the shooting of Scalise and said, “If you can hear, you can run.” In other words, if the gun makes sound then you can flee the gunman.

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-governm...-deregulation/
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    1. Dadstoys's Avatar
      Dadstoys -
      Hmm , I didn't know you could outrun bullets.
      Go home Nancy, your drunk.
    1. Chevy 2 65's Avatar
      Chevy 2 65 -
      Drooling idiot
    1. gunofthrones's Avatar
      gunofthrones -
      Nancy, we will give you 10 seconds a head start.
    1. DrBurnsides's Avatar
      DrBurnsides -
      Doesn't she have demetia?
    1. Uzi2's Avatar
      Uzi2 -
      Anything to obstruct, then again if it were coupled to a bill that would bring money to her state or her own purse, she'd be all for it. Pissing on her grave is on my bucket list.
    1. Fixxah's Avatar
      Fixxah -
      Won't even hear it coming either way.
    1. dixiejarhead's Avatar
      dixiejarhead -
      Retard. She is a moron.
    1. Uzi2's Avatar
      Uzi2 -
      Stand by for more stupidity about suppressors from Pelosi's mouth in the wake of Vegas.
    1. jron's Avatar
      jron -
      how would this example work to fit your agenda? the shooter used an SKS.... it has no threads to attach a suppressor..

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