• Michael Bloomberg Claims American Gun Deaths Exceed Entire History of American Military Deaths

    By AWR Hawkins

    During a Q&A session with the Los Angeles Times, gun control proponent Micheal Bloomberg claimed the number of American gun deaths exceeds the entire history of American military deaths.
    He offered no substantiation for this claim. Rather, he just interjected it into the dialogue, then moved on to the next point.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg admitted that gun control at the federal level is not going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future. He then talked about his efforts to circumvent Washington DC by going directly to the states via ballot initiatives and state legislatures. But his wins at the state level have been scarce at best, and one of his few wins–Nevada–was blocked by Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt.

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/california/...litary-deaths/
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    1. EC1's Avatar
      EC1 -
      Once a liar, still a liar.
    1. Chevy 2 65's Avatar
      Chevy 2 65 -
      The math is wrong, way wrong. COme on Bloomturd you can add or can't
    1. fishgutzy's Avatar
      fishgutzy -
      Ha! One fact Bloomer ignores is that as a result of Mexico's virtual ban on guns, more Mexicans have died that all the US combat deaths over the last 20 years.
      Bloomers, like all libtards, includes suicides. But these people would be dead by another method.
    1. W.E.C's Avatar
      W.E.C -

      he must have CNN connections.
    1. Chevy 2 65's Avatar
      Chevy 2 65 -
      They keep forgetting about Chicago.
    1. Horrible's Avatar
      Horrible -
      Wut? How many Americans died in the Civil War alone?
    1. rlee's Avatar
      rlee -
      Quote Originally Posted by Horrible View Post
      Wut? How many Americans died in the Civil War alone?
      620,000 - 750,000(wikipedia), depending on the source, but only 1/3 were combat.
    1. CatSnoutSoup's Avatar
      CatSnoutSoup -
      Bloomberg on the subject of young black males, "You have got to throw them up against a wall and frisk them!"

      If you want to make the liberal gun grabbing supporters of Bloomberg squirm uncomfortably remind them of that statement he made to the Aspen Institute in regard to Stop-and-Frisk, and later tried to suppress an audio recording of.

      Plutocratic oligarchy is Bloomberg's dream and greedy amoral hacks like @shannonwatts and her ill informed followers are his tools.
    1. EJFudd's Avatar
      EJFudd -
      The BloomingTurd strikes out at us again with another lie. Well, color me shocked... NOT!!!
    1. oldguy68's Avatar
      oldguy68 -
      Poor Dumblurg, rich with money and lacking in brains!
    1. Dadstoys's Avatar
      Dadstoys -
      Shouldn't he be out banning 16oz soda's or something ?
      Your time has past Mikey, let it go.
    1. GlockJock's Avatar
      GlockJock -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dadstoys View Post
      Shouldn't he be out banning 16oz soda's or something? Your time has past Mikey, let it go.
      The Loonbag Pied Pipers like BloomTurd never ever EVER just "let it go" (Nor would you - if millions of senseless idiotic sheep worshiped, genuflected and knelt to YOUR every beckon call and whim.)

      Just sayin'
    1. calsdad's Avatar
      calsdad -

      Since we're going full retard Mr. Bloomturd let's go all the way.

      Could you please break down the murder rates a little further and detail the rates in Democratic run cities and then more specifically by race.

      If we're going to have this conversation ......... then let's have it.

      I'm fully willing to admit the facts that the murder rate by guns in this country has lead to more deaths than all U.S. military deaths combined.

      I just want to make sure we dump the blame directly in the laps of those who are DIRECTLY responsible.
    1. wahsben's Avatar
      wahsben -
      He must have had Va. Gov. McCauliff doing his math with his 93 million deaths per day.
    1. jtnf's Avatar
      jtnf -
      Quote Originally Posted by wahsben View Post
      He must have had Va. Gov. McCauliff doing his math with his 93 million deaths per day.

      Has it been long enough that the entire population of the planet is now deceased?
      Am I alone here?


    1. Lcstyle's Avatar
      Lcstyle -
      as long as there are (semi) credible but most importantly vocal opposition to pro 2A viewpoints, pro 2a people's attention can be captured to keep selling more guns.
      I wonder how much Bloomberg and other anti's have created in profits for the gun industry.
    1. ChrisNH's Avatar
      ChrisNH -
      Come on! More people have DIED IN THE U.S. as a result of narcotic overdose and vehicle accidents combined than by guns. That came from Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Most people don't know, when she was Governor in NH she signed the law confirming sound suppressor legality in NH. (it's a long story, email if you want to know what I'm referring to.)
    1. fishgutzy's Avatar
      fishgutzy -
      Proven false many times over.
      It is true though that Doctors and nurses have kill more people in the US over thew course of a decade or so that all combat related deaths of Americans.
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