• Chelsea Handler Rips Gun Owners: Your ‘Hobby’ is Getting People Killed

    By AWR Hawkins

    Chelsea Handler has blasted the “gun lobby” and issued a renewed call for increased gun control measures days before the talk show host is set to be honored at the anti-gun Brady Center Bear Awards Wednesday night.

    In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter this week, Handler said she believes President Donald Trump loves the “gun lobby” and “doesn’t give a sh*t about people.”

    In fact, Handler contends that Trump “doesn’t care about anybody.”

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywo...ve-sht-people/
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    1. MAGG's Avatar
      MAGG -
      just the sight of this vile **** makes me feel ill....F her
    1. EJFudd's Avatar
      EJFudd -
      Just another crazed Trump derangement syndrome leftist doing her thang. No surprise at all that she is a gun grabber.
    1. a73elkyss's Avatar
      a73elkyss -
      Chelsea Handler = Kathy Griffin = all snowflakes who act like spoiled little brats in Toys'R'Us who didn't get the toy they demanded and throw a temper tantrum while the mother drags their sorry a$$ out to the car.

      The end of the article speaking about POTUS Trump mentions "That does not sound like a man who “doesn’t care about anybody.” Instead, it sounds like a man that wants American citizens to have a fighting chance should a terror attack occur." I agree, I just want a "fighting chance" if I'm unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time either by myself or with my family.

    1. robjax's Avatar
      robjax -
      Aside from the fact that she is just really showing how ignorant she is I never considered any of my rights hobbies; least of all the second amendment.

      I see it as more of an obligation......a duty if you will....to my country, myself, my family.

      I wish the democrats would just change the name of their party. It is obvious what they want to do. A guy they obviously worship who sported a cute little mustache tried this in the 30's and 40's.

      They control the media to spread their lies and propaganda.
      They control hollywood for the creation of their propaganda films.
      They own the talk shows.
      The law doesn't apply to them.
      They are forcing socialism.
      They want to ban the guns.
      They want to cleans your thoughts.
      They demand your loyalty.

      Anyone else see parallels here?
    1. Palladin's Avatar
      Palladin -
      Another elitist twat
    1. Penniepup1's Avatar
      Penniepup1 -
      I went to the range Sunday and no one was killed by my hobby.
    1. AllaSnackbah's Avatar
      AllaSnackbah -
      wasn't she going to move out of the country?

      yo dog that bitch irrelevant
    1. Horrible's Avatar
      Horrible -
      Wait? Wut? How about HER ideology of open borders and big government is getting people killed?!

      I have been a gun owner for over years. More people have died in the back of Ted Kennedy's car than my means to defend myself and my family.
    1. StevieP's Avatar
      StevieP -
      Until or unless automobiles and/or alcohol companies are taken to task for drunk driving injuries and deaths, at the same rate as the NRA and gun companies are (for the ILLEGAL use of its products), then these people have no leg to stand on. They're cherry-picking a "cause" to help them gain support, and make it seem like they're "doing something."

      Do something else.
    1. SKumar's Avatar
      SKumar -
      Meh. She doesn't really have any influence. People know she's a comedian and the only ones that listen to her are morons anyway. I don't take these sayings to heart unless I examine the quality of the person first.
    1. usp45ct's Avatar
      usp45ct -
      Sorry, I do not know who she is and if I had ever heard her name before, I simply took no note of it as she, and her opinion, are irrelevant to me.
    1. bigblue's Avatar
      bigblue -
      More hot air from a Hollywood douchebag whose sidekick is a midget named "Chewie". I'm supposed to care?
    1. goodzilla's Avatar
      goodzilla -
      Get back in your NYC bubble and refocus on telling America stories about your breasts and penchant for one-night stands, it's what you're good at...and not much else.
    1. ISOTOX's Avatar
      ISOTOX -
      Great another Kathy Griffin or Amy Schumer.....
    1. DGV1860's Avatar
      DGV1860 -
      The only influence she has is Under the influence. "At 21 I spoke to a class about my DUI conviction. They thought I was funny, and that's where I got my Idea of being a stand-up Comedian." Pretty Funny you Skank! How many deaths from DUI in this country every day. Most of Hollywood is twisto. She is especially warped. Read her Bio.
    1. jhblaze1's Avatar
      jhblaze1 -
      I must be doing it wrong. I've owned guns for over a decade now and someone have a 0 body count? Anyone know what I should be doing to up my score?
    1. bigblue's Avatar
      bigblue -
      Quote Originally Posted by jhblaze1 View Post
      I must be doing it wrong. I've owned guns for over a decade now and someone have a 0 body count? Anyone know what I should be doing to up my score?

      Play video games and listen to death metal then the devil will tell you to burn a building while shooting scores of small children. You didn't get that memo?
    1. Horrible's Avatar
      Horrible -
      Quote Originally Posted by jhblaze1 View Post
      I must be doing it wrong. I've owned guns for over a decade now and someone have a 0 body count? Anyone know what I should be doing to up my score?
      Its ALL YOUR FAULT! When will you just own up to it? All of the gangland violence isn't due to gangs or drugs or half century of the government motivating people to sit on their asses all day with no real purpose in life!!

      ITS YOU! And the damn NRA!! RUSSIA RUSSIA!! Herp Derp.
    1. MarkT's Avatar
      MarkT -
    1. Sparky123's Avatar
      Sparky123 -
      Since when is the second amendment a [email protected]*#*@* hobby ?
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