• Deceased Oklahoma Robbery Suspect’s Grandfather Says ‘Unfair’ to Shoot Grandson with AR-15

    By AWR Hawkins

    The grandfather of one of three suspects killed during the alleged March 27 home invasion in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, says the use of an AR-15 against the suspects was “unfair.”

    Breitbart News reported that the Broken Arrow homeowner’s 23-year-old son shot and killed three suspected home intruders with an AR-15. According to Tulsa World, Wagoner County Sheriff’s deputy Nick Mahoney said the three suspects “were wearing all-black clothing, masks, and gloves” and allegedly “forced their way into the home through a glass door in the back.” The homeowner’s son was asleep at the time and awoke to “loud bangs” as the suspects made entrance. The son grabbed the AR-15 and opened fire when the intruders walked into the hallway.

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-governm...on-with-ar-15/
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    1. MachineHead's Avatar
      MachineHead -
      Know what's unfair? Getting you house broken into and your sense of peace shattered.

      Know what's even more unfair? That these three armed hoodlums were against one person.

      The one person evened out the odds with the gun (it happened to be an AR) best suited for the situation he was forced to deal with.
    1. Hater's Avatar
      Hater -
      I feel bad for the kid.
      He probably suffered some hearing loss from shooting that rifle inside the house.
    1. snax's Avatar
      snax -
      "..He said the use of the AR-15 meant “his grandson didn’t have a chance.”..."

      I don't want to get shot, but if I did, I'd take my chances with a 55 grain .223 than a 1 oz slug, which is my home defense choice.

      A friend of mine got bashed in the eye socket/cheek bone with one hit of brass knuckles. His face didn't have a chance, he had to have 3 reconstructive surgeries. One of of them, if I remember, was so he wouldn't look at you cross eyed like the hunchback of Notre Dame.
    1. grizquad's Avatar
      grizquad -
      It is unfortunate there had to be death resulting from a very bad decision on the ignorant teens breaking into a house to steal or do bodily harm to anyone inside the house. It is obvious they were not expecting anyone to be home. BUT they live in Oklahoma where many homeowners have guns! If I were awoke to breaking glass and a door being forced open and saw 3 MASKED, DRESSED IN ALL BLACK, MEN coming down the hall towards me, there would not be enough time to call 911, or escape, the person in the house had no other choice than to defend himself. A hollow point self defense round in a pistol would have had the same consequence as the rifle round placed to neutralize a threat. The home resident was just a good shot. Sad situation, but IMO justified.
    1. RIFLEMAN1000's Avatar
      RIFLEMAN1000 -
      Maybe we should ask the armed intruders what Caliber they would like to be shot with , i mean its only fair . As for the father if he was more of a father figure maybe the kid woulnd't have turned out a thug criminal .
    1. xtry51's Avatar
      xtry51 -
      "didn't have a chance."

      That's exactly the idea. You don't give an assailant a chance to hurt you.
    1. goodlife30's Avatar
      goodlife30 -
      Agree with this. He should of used a 249 squad automatic weapon with a 200 round drum magazine.
    1. Spanz's Avatar
      Spanz -
      But LIFE is not fair. Maybe we can put little rubber bumpers on the sharp pointy ends of the .223 so it will be less killy?
    1. radioman's Avatar
      radioman -
      I couldn't find one comment agreeing with granddad. Looks like people are smarting up!
    1. Chevy 2 65's Avatar
      Chevy 2 65 -
      DON'T break into houses !! Problem solved
    1. Dadstoys's Avatar
      Dadstoys -
      Well now you know where the kid got his sense of morality from.
    1. fencer's Avatar
      fencer -
      I agree with Grandpa. It was totally unfair. And if I ever have to get into a fight for my life, that is exactly how I want it. Totally one sided in my favor.

      You want a fair fight? Take up boxing. When masked men wake you up while breaking into your house there is only one rule. WIN.
    1. hbar26's Avatar
      hbar26 -
      Well, don't bring brass knuckles, to a gun fight.
    1. NHCraigT's Avatar
      NHCraigT -
      "... he didn't have a chance"....

      They all actually had a "chance".

      When they pulled up in their car, they had a chance to stop and think about what they were doing, and the very real possibility that things could go very, very badly.

      Even the get away driver girl stated in an interview; ".... their group, had done other robberies and carjackings, and gotten away with them, and figured that this was going to be just another one that they were going to do, and get away with ...."

      Aside from the above; I guess in the bizarro world (that is slowly inching its way onto our reality), criminals are supposed to be allowed (or given a decent chance by victims) = to be able to commit their violent armed robbery and get away with it.

    1. kevin9's Avatar
      kevin9 -
      Fair is a place in Iowa one takes their pigs to be slaughtered.

      Grandson, whom I'm guessing didn't fall far from gramp's tree, played a stupid game, and won the stupid grand prize.

      Here's the yute's obit: http://www.reynoldsfuneralhomes.com/...Jacob-Redfearn
      People often commented on his good manners, and how polite and courteous he was.
      Yea, brass knuckles and/or a knife is real courteous.

      Jacob is survived by his brothers Jordan and Jonathan, his adoptive Mom Connie Saint, and husband Terry, guardian parents Wayne Smithart and Eric Price and father Michael L Redfearn and wife Jennifer, mother Shannon L Redfearn. ... as well as a multitude of step-brothers and sisters
      Sounds like a real stable home-life.
    1. noxin's Avatar
      noxin -
      The intruders knew they were doing wrong, they knew they were putting themselves and anyone else potentially involved at risk for serious injury. The resident of the home saw three people invading and reacted accordingly. **** GrandPa, his bull shit opinion, and the four useless pieces of shit who decided it was easier to take than to earn what they wanted. I hope the mastermind bitch pays dearly for her part.
    1. Koolmoose's Avatar
      Koolmoose -
      If you break into my home fair gets left at the broken boundary. Enough said.
    1. zork51's Avatar
      zork51 -
      OMG, they walk among us................OMG
    1. gamma19's Avatar
      gamma19 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kevin9 View Post
      Fair is a place in Iowa one takes their pigs to be slaughtered.

      Grandson, whom I'm guessing didn't fall far from gramp's tree, played a stupid game, and won the stupid grand prize.

      Here's the yute's obit: http://www.reynoldsfuneralhomes.com/...Jacob-Redfearn
      Yea, brass knuckles and/or a knife is real courteous.

      Sounds like a real stable home-life.
      He was a good boy!
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