• Permitless Carry Passes South Dakota Senate, Heads to Governor’s Desk

    By AWR Hawkins

    The South Dakota Senate passed legislation to abolish the requirement for a concealed carry permit in the state and the bill now goes to Governor Dennis Daugaard’s (R) desk.

    SDPB radio reports that the Senate on Monday passed the bill–HB 1072–by a vote of 23 to 11.

    HB 1072 was brought to a vote by Senator Brock Greenfield (R-2) who argued that the Second Amendment rights of South Dakota residents had basically been taken away by the state and were only given back to residents if they agreed to acquire a carry permit. He said HB 1072 “streamlines the situation. It doesn’t require somebody to lease back their guaranteed second amendment right, so long as they’re not subject to any disqualifiers.”

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/big-governm...overnors-desk/
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    1. Fixxah's Avatar
      Fixxah -
      Nice to see some common sense occasionally. Much more is needed.
    1. BBQ.Uncle's Avatar
      BBQ.Uncle -
      Freedom is on a roll. Nice to see that.
    1. Horrible's Avatar
      Horrible -
      Nice. After Governor (hopefully) signs this, that will make them #12.

      Its amazing to see the blue and green colored states take over the red and yellow over time. Only May issue (yellow) states are in the northeast, CA and HI
    1. Wendell's Avatar
      Wendell -
      He's said that he won't sign it.
    1. Whutmeworry's Avatar
      Whutmeworry -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wendell View Post
      He's said that he won't sign it.
      Good way to get himself fired. SD voters don't mess around. Tom Daschle found this out about twelve years ago.😊
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