• San Francisco City Attorney Sues Five Companies Over ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

    By AWR Hawkins

    San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is suing five gun accessory suppliers, claiming they are selling “high capacity” magazines by describing them as “repair kits.”

    According to the Los Angeles Times, the lawsuit “alleges that online retailers Badger Mountain Supply of Washington, 7.62 Precision of Alaska, Shooters Plus of Mississippi, LAK Supply of Wyoming and BuyMilsurp.com of Florida are engaged in unfair or fraudulent business practices.”

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/california/...ity-magazines/
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    1. knfmn's Avatar
      knfmn -
      Without even getting into the fact that any sort of magazine ban is unconstitutional, I thought that the socialists in California changed their laws so that you couldn't buy repair kits for magazines anymore?
    1. StevieP's Avatar
      StevieP -
      Washington. Alaska. Mississippi. Wyoming. Florida.

      The gentleman from San Francisco freaking CALIFORNIA can pound sand. My GOD what an ahole.
    1. Lip's Avatar
      Lip -
      Let's hope that state cedes to mexico.
    1. EJFudd's Avatar
      EJFudd -
      Commiefornia just keeps getting more and more hopeless... and Freak City is the worst of the worst.
    1. MMArtist's Avatar
      MMArtist -
      Well those companies are "getting around" the new laws by sending the magazines in pieces and in 2 separate shipments. I say Bravo but if its going through Cali courts I am sure it won't end well.
    1. jpk's Avatar
      jpk -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lip View Post
      Let's hope that state cedes to mexico.
      I'd settle for it ceding itself to the bottom of the pacific
    1. Chevy 2 65's Avatar
      Chevy 2 65 -
      ****ing idiots ! It's a standard mag. ****TARD
    1. awm's Avatar
      awm -
      “It takes a particular type of miscreant to compromise the safety of Californians simply for profit. The only purpose of these magazines is to kill as many people as quickly as possible. They have no place in our neighborhoods. That’s why the people of California have spoken loud and clear on this.”


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