• Merry Christmas!!!!

    We at NES would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!
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    1. Boris's Avatar
      Boris -
      needs more AKs ... Merry Christmas!
    1. BBQ.Uncle's Avatar
      BBQ.Uncle -
      Merry Christmas!
    1. tomp's Avatar
      tomp -
      Merry Christmas! We are all blessed to have family and health so much to be thankful for . have a great New Year you all.
    1. Enzo's Avatar
      Enzo -
      Buon Natale !
    1. Dadstoys's Avatar
      Dadstoys -
      Merry Christmas and many more.
    1. Delkancott's Avatar
      Delkancott -
      Merry Christmas!
    1. stinger35's Avatar
      stinger35 -
      Merry Christmas to all!
    1. Night_solstice's Avatar
      Night_solstice -
      Merry Christmas!

      Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
    1. MachineHead's Avatar
      MachineHead -
      Merry Christmas, ladies and gents.
    1. fencer's Avatar
      fencer -
      Merry Christmas NES
    1. Heathen's Avatar
      Heathen -
      Merry Christmas
    1. GlockJock's Avatar
      GlockJock -
      Good morning all and Merry Christmas!
    1. friscoeast's Avatar
      friscoeast -
      Merry Christmas to all!
    1. zork51's Avatar
      zork51 -
      What they all said. Merry Xmas.
    1. cfbackrow's Avatar
      cfbackrow -
      Merry Christmas
    1. Skysoldier's Avatar
      Skysoldier -
      Thanks for the site, and Merry Christmas to the Admins too! It's nice to have a site to go to and communicate with friends
      during what is the loneliest time of the year for me.
    1. miniion's Avatar
      miniion -
      Merry Christmas !
    1. Coyote33's Avatar
      Coyote33 -
      Merry Christmas everyone
      (God Jul in Swedish)
    1. Sabougolden's Avatar
      Sabougolden -
      Merry Christmas!
    1. omega42's Avatar
      omega42 -
      Merry Christmas to one and all!
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