• Never Take a Liberal to a Gun Fight

    When laws get to the point that they attempt to regulate against natural instinct, common sense is not long for this world. In typical liberal fashion Mayors Against Illegal Guns handed out some strange self-defense pointers. The Executive Director of Mayor Bloomberg’s antigun juggernaut, Mark Glaze, suggested that victims of potentially lethal attacks should use their words – not their legal firearm – to protect their life.

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    1. DarrenL's Avatar
      DarrenL -
      Didn't the Petit family killers use an axe handle, or some similar blunt wooden object?

      If someone attacked Bloomturd with an axe handle, they would need a Cray supercomputer to count all the bullets that would be fired at that person
    1. M1911's Avatar
      M1911 -
      One of the best lines from the article:

      It seems as if liberal elites are increasingly living in a world where they confuse what they think ought to be possible with what is actually possible.
    1. whatluck's Avatar
      whatluck -
      Well, of course they have no grasp of disparity of force. I'm sure neither Mark Glaze nor Bloomberg have had to defend themselves in a long time. They just get their JBTs with GUNS to worry about that for them.
    1. P-14's Avatar
      P-14 -
      Best quote in the article:
      Rather than eliminating the core problems, liberals like to regulate the symptoms. Rather than cracking down on violent criminals, they tell law abiding citizens to disarm. Rather than targeting the unfair and burdensome tax code, they target the companies that avoid punitive taxation. Rather than encouraging natural consequences, Liberals encourage Nannyism.
    1. Rivers of Blood's Avatar
      Rivers of Blood -
      CHRIS MATTHEWS: How do you talk to a guy with an axe handle?

      MARK GLAZE: Well, you fight him. You run away. You deescalate the situation.
    1. xtry51's Avatar
      xtry51 -
      I hope someone kills him with an ax handle.
    1. groundscrapers's Avatar
      groundscrapers -
      First words. "Stop or I will shoot" Sure i'll comply lol.
    1. browniee's Avatar
      browniee -
      Bloomberg can go **** himself. JUST ANOTHER LIBERAL *******.
    1. TimMcG74's Avatar
      TimMcG74 -
      Hurt a violent attacker's feelings, or, at the very least, appeal to their sensibilities. Sound strategy.
    1. rmaclean86's Avatar
      rmaclean86 -
      Easy to say when you are surrounded by NYPD &/or NYSP...
    1. calsdad's Avatar
      calsdad -
      If we're supposed only supposed to use words - then I'd like to see somebody stand up at one of Bloomberg's press conferences and ask him right to his face: "Are you retarded?".
    1. kevin9's Avatar
      kevin9 -
      "Never Take a Liberal to a Gun Fight" except as a decoy.
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