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  1. NH Gun Laws
  2. NJ Gun Law
  3. NH CCW Application
  4. NH LTC if you don't have MA ALP?
  5. Q's about bringing pistol from MI to NH
  6. Expired LTC/ Gun Transfer
  7. Two questions (NH)
  8. New Hampshire isn't leaning too far left just yet.
  9. NH nonresident permit received (fast!)
  10. ASP Batons
  11. Re-application for LTC A
  12. With a NH Nonresident license, can I buy guns there?
  13. MIRCS Boo Boo's
  14. FA-10
  15. LTC-A/ALP wait in Natick?
  16. NH "Katrina" bill.
  17. Buying 20 or 30 round AR15 magazines in MA
  18. WASR-10 Preban in MA?
  19. RE-Register?
  20. Question for the Law Book guys..
  21. Andover / N. Andover Licensing?
  22. in state/out of state question
  23. Transfer from expired licensee
  24. Approved Firearms Roster
  25. Included in 4 sales per year?
  26. Encore-pistol,rifle,or both?
  27. No pre-ban (or post) semi-auto rifles in Boston?
  28. NH/MA LTC- carry question on approved firearms
  29. "LEGALITY" of this Glock?
  30. Loaded or unloaded?
  31. Attn: New Hampshire's Right to Self Defense
  32. transfer info needed, in simple terms
  33. Shipping Ammo..
  34. McCain in NH
  35. CCW in NH Statehouse
  36. NH legislative update
  37. NH Law Vetoed
  38. Windham NH 8 business days
  39. Moving from MA to NH
  40. Nh Ccp
  41. Carrying in your vehicle
  42. NH - Wrongful Arrest for Open Carry and Corrective Action
  43. The NH Magic Word
  44. ? on New Hampshire Hunting Laws and handguns
  45. New Hampshire non-resident LTC question?
  46. Look out New Hampshire
  47. Mayor Bloomberg Trying to Push New York Style Gun Control in New Hampshire!
  48. CCW in NC with a non-resident NH CCW permit
  49. Question about NH Non Res CCW permits...
  50. Non resident FID?
  51. NH laws for possession & purchasing?
  52. What do you mean when you say "a shall issue state"
  53. SB 44: For all of you in New Hampshire, Beware the Ides of March
  54. NH laws about signage/CCW?
  55. NH State Police Issue Ammo
  56. Camping in Maine
  57. Maine Law Question (in reference to both NH Bar incident and Augusta Walmart hold up)
  58. NH - creating a range in the back yard?
  59. NH "Gun Lawyers"?
  60. Reasons on a NH Non-Res application
  61. Would this be legal under New Hampshire law?
  62. CCW Reciprocity for NON-RES permits.
  63. NH non resident permit?
  64. NH nonresident purchase
  65. Another "NH nonresident license" question
  67. NH Background Check Question
  68. NH Non res license change?
  69. Res NH Renewal - 6 Days
  70. Pistol Permit Approved, Long Gun Purchase Denied?
  71. Converting NH NR to NH R...
  72. Proposed Legislation - NH
  73. NR NH LTC
  74. NH House bill to ban killing any animal w/o "lawful authority?"
  75. NH: Rare gun-control bill sparks unanimous backlash (video)
  76. Vacation home mail order drop.
  77. Question about Non-Res CCW Permit
  78. Check That NH License in Your Wallet
  79. Reciprocity with Maine ???
  80. Transporting question
  81. NH target and hunting
  82. Getting a real FFL....
  83. Open carry of rifles in NH
  84. Carrying in conservation lands
  85. NH Handgun Compliance Q+A Thread
  86. House Bill 1266 - Allows .50 Caliber Pistols
  87. NH: Gun activist open carries into Manchester police station
  88. Mace - license required in NH?
  89. Video: NH cop questions RidleyReport for photographing police car
  90. Conway regulation?
  91. Caught on tape: ManchCops question Ridley Report
  92. Are there statutes of what time you can/cannot discharge a firearm?
  93. NH Gun/Self Defence Lawyer
  94. Do the police of a 'right' to check the SN on a firearm if you are stopped?
  95. Can I...
  96. Charlestown NH: Civilian dies, trooper shot, public full of questions
  97. shooting on my own property
  98. Traffic Stop Disclosure
  99. NH Non-res LTC
  100. Condo rules going against State laws
  101. Confiscation of firearm used in self defence (NH; not MA)
  102. Rifle Transfer to MA
  103. What is "pre-ban" "post-ban" etc.
  104. Sales to PA
  105. Conceled Carry Permit in Dover
  106. Buying ammo in NH
  107. NH Out of state LTC
  108. in-state Log Arm purchase and InState shipment
  109. MA LTC A holder shooting at NH range
  110. Any NH residents with Mass. LTC
  111. NH Gun Storage
  112. anyone know the number to call for
  113. Can someone email me the app for NH non res permit?
  114. Resident Alien CCW?
  115. NH Non Resident License
  116. Open-carrying an empty handgun in car?
  117. NH Resident Carry Permit...References Question...
  118. This might sound like a strange question.
  119. NH permit renewal
  120. Moving to NH, quickest way to get CCW.
  121. Where can I NOT carry in NH?
  122. NFA Trust - What is a reasonable attorney fee?
  123. rifle transporting and usage question
  124. Heads up to Manchester residents
  125. Reciprocity Question
  126. Moving to another state
  127. Out of state carry
  128. certificate of firearms course required for nonres CCW?
  129. .50 BMG laws
  130. "Loaning" a pistol in NH
  131. Newbie here with a question about Out-of-State CC Permit
  132. Any good wilderness areas to shoot in?
  133. Transporting a pistol and ammo in car with no NH permit
  134. NH out of state ccw permit????
  135. help selling a handgun in nh
  136. Class III Approvals and CLEO in New Castle, NH
  137. NH gun victory could help concealed carriers
  138. Buying ammo in nh (MA res)
  139. Need Help
  140. NR Open Carry Clarification Please.
  141. NH to increase the Non-resident Pistol/Revolver License by 500%
  142. Change of address
  143. Quick question about the NH non-res CCW form
  144. Carrying on a Motorcycle
  145. NH: AR-15 swordsman raises eyebrows at PorcFest
  146. What does a non-resident LTC cover?
  147. Storage of Fire Arms
  148. CC by a school
  149. Wheelchair open-carry gal tours NH State House
  150. non-resident NH LTC
  151. .460 S&W Magnum and .454 Casull Pistols Not Legal for Hunting?
  152. Traveling To VT Through NH
  153. Non resident open carry?
  154. I need a Letter to the cheif
  155. Question about FTF rifle sale
  156. Open carry in NH
  157. Buying/Selling a pistol
  158. Getting rid of woodpeckers in NH
  159. outdoor shooting in Derry
  160. Vehicle question
  161. Legal to carry in a bar?
  162. NH License- Any other PD's ask this?
  163. Plinking In NH
  164. Obligation to inform LEO if carrying?
  165. NH knife laws?
  166. NH non res question regarding VT
  167. Dems "ban" guns from NH state house, skip legislative process
  168. Non-Res LTC Today, question
  169. Incedent got me thinking.....
  170. Two Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in Concord on Monday! HB1635 & HB1654
  171. reciprocity of the NH non-resident pistol permit
  172. LinK to NH Gun Laws Table of Contents
  173. Conceal carry on family's property
  174. Non Resident reasons
  175. Stupid question but hopefully easy answer
  176. PA non-res license: good for NH ccw?
  177. non res
  178. Does New Hampshire really contact your employer re: the CCW application?
  179. Resident LTC question
  180. Problem Getting CCW Permit in NH
  181. NH Resident Permit - Piece of Paper?
  182. Storage Requirements?
  183. HB 1201 - Support the Hopper Amendment - loaded magazines in vehicle
  184. ? regarding NH pistol permit
  185. Travelling through New England...
  186. Is my NH Non resident permit still valid?
  187. Any reason not to buy a house ~500M from a highschool in NH?
  188. woods / sand pit shooting in NH?
  189. Selling a pistol FTF - looking for confirmation
  190. NH Non Resident Reciprocity
  191. Selling rifle ammo to MA resident?
  192. Long range shooter
  193. any heads up while carrying in NH
  194. Process for filing a complaint
  195. any ammo restrictions
  196. Massachusetts Transplant
  197. Amherst Pistol Permit
  198. NH open carry on a motorcycle ?
  199. Can Mass resident keep a loaded pistol next to his bed while at a NH rental property?
  200. Another Success (x2)
  201. Carry in Bar/Restaurant in NH Legal?
  202. state/national parks open carry law
  203. NH state/national parks open carry question...
  204. Governor Lynch vetoes HB1161
  205. Inheriting Guns From MA
  206. change pinned stock when hunting?
  207. Handgun Hunting in NH
  208. Non res open carry
  209. "New Gun" (camera) training in NH
  210. Silencer in NH
  211. Can I carry pepper spray in NH?
  212. Loaded magazine for rifle in NH
  213. NH Non-resident permit qualifies under Gun Free School Zones Act exception?
  214. In-State transfer?
  215. Ranges in NH
  216. CC in NH
  217. Going between states MA/NH
  218. "Bad" towns for P&R or NFA sign off?
  219. Can a Mass FID holder purchase/ship ammo to a friend in NH and carry it back to MA
  220. About that NH State House gun ban
  221. DWI and Firearms
  222. NH: Ward Bird supporters' biggest enemy may be success
  223. NH Daytime Coyote Hunting
  224. Shooting on your own property in NH
  225. HELP sell a gun in New Hampshire
  226. Press Release: PGNH Succeeds in Changing NH Driverís Licenses for Gun Purchasers
  227. Buying, transferring, gifting.....
  228. Private Gun Sale in NH
  229. Permit refusal/denial question
  230. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE
  231. Constitutional Carry in NH?!
  232. FFL from home in NH?
  233. NH laws on hunting with a magazine
  234. How to carry to and from the range?
  235. Selling to a Vermonter
  236. NH HB225 - Hearing 2/17/11 at 10AM - Timely Return of Property
  237. HB125 "Firearms Freedom Act" passed in NH House
  238. School Policy on CCW vs State & Federal Law
  239. NH College CCW Bill
  240. Traveling
  241. NH Constitution: The Movie! Part 1
  242. NH Senate Bill 88 - Castle Doctrine
  243. non resident ammo purchase
  244. CCW at the airport
  245. NH reps could be prosecuted for voting in favor of gun freedom bill, says Dem lawmake
  246. This May Be An Extremely Dumb Question
  247. NH HB330 - Constitutional Carry Bill
  248. Resisting Kidnap by Police
  249. NH gun-in-car question
  250. Transfer a handgun in