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  1. Greetings and felicitations
  2. Car 54, where are you???
  3. LEO gun nuts...
  4. Dumb Questions for LEOs
  5. Handcuffs of 9/11 victim used on al-Qaida suspects
  6. Massachusetts State Police Exam
  7. Any Vermont State Troopers on Forum?
  8. A Great Cop Passes
  9. Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004
  10. Good LE Magazine Recommendation
  11. Lights
  12. LEO's exempt?
  13. IACP Expo Free to LEOs - 10/15-10/17/06
  14. Fair, Neutral & Fact-Finding
  15. Charged with murder
  16. And in other news.....
  18. LEO Purchase of Glocks
  19. Mass State Police 140th anniversary Carbine
  21. LTC/Class-A needed for out of state police who live in MA?
  22. Former PO from MA now living out of state
  23. New Findings From Fbi About Cop Attackers & Their Weapons
  24. Civil Service exam
  25. End of Watch - Tyngsboro Officer (RIP)
  26. Arrest made in missing S.C. officer's case
  27. Cpl. McKay's Funera (Franconia, NH)
  28. TX: 2 Officers Killed Responding to 911 Call
  29. Revere Officer murdered.
  30. Investigation into Revere shooting is necessary.
  31. Dallas PD eases hiring rules on drug use
  32. Books and video tapes free to LE
  33. no LEO's?
  34. The Battle wages on! - NSFW Lite
  35. Conceled Carry - Law Enforcement
  36. Constables?
  37. JSO Sheriff Shot in Line of Duty
  38. level 2-3 retention recomendations.
  39. Do I tell, or don't I tell?
  40. Pepper spray
  41. places to buy.
  42. Question for you guys
  43. Training in Shirley??
  45. Backup Firearm?
  46. Reporter needs LEO source on M4s
  47. Need general info on Mass Corrections officer field
  48. Job opportunity Burlington VT PD
  50. Summer Specials
  52. Law enforcement recruiting?
  53. state/municipal police exam scheduled
  54. Back-up Weapon
  55. Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges
  56. Badge Question For LEO Bubbas
  57. How many guys here are on the eligible list for LEO?
  58. Purchasing handguns as a LEO...
  59. Does one need to "register" a patrol rifle?
  60. Staying Under the Radar
  61. NH Pistol Qualification
  62. LEO LTC fee question
  63. Funeral today for Capt Cashin
  64. Border Patrol Test UPDATE: Got scores
  65. Scammers in Norwood area
  66. SIG SAUER Individual Officer Rebate Program
  67. Border Patrol
  68. any BPA in Maine
  69. Rte. 1/152
  70. E. B-Water MA Police Assoc LEO Top Gun Shoot 2009
  71. 4/25 CS exam
  72. Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray?
  73. Bill to Revise LEOSA S1132
  74. Reserve Officer Vest Program - thru 6/30/2009
  75. Duty Holster: Blackhawk Serpa VS Safariland 6360 “ALS”
  76. Back Defender Hidden Duty Belt Suspender
  77. Police Patch Trading Thread?
  78. New law for LEO's buying guns??
  79. New Glock Purchase for Auxiliary Police Officer?
  80. Careers in law enforcement
  81. Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Duty Holster
  82. Last day in the Crown Vic....
  83. CO's Considered LEO's?
  84. Who is considered a LEO?
  85. Sig Sauer Academy
  86. LEOSA this is a great law
  87. Correctional Officers
  88. Four Seasons selling glocks
  89. State Police Test?
  90. 2010 CT SWAT Challenge
  92. Question for LEOs
  93. RI LEOs/PDs
  94. pointers on becoming a LEO
  95. Truly honest CLEO
  96. Right-of-Way Traffic Question for LEOs
  97. Any cops want to practice High Power Rifle?
  98. Considering some sort of career in LE.
  99. Qustion for LEOS in MA
  100. Question for CT LEO's
  101. Unikorp body armor?
  102. Ammo anyone?
  103. New Nylon Duty Belt
  104. Is a career change crazy?
  105. On the off chance
  106. Question RE: LEOSA
  107. Residuals of Police Occupational Trauma
  108. Is anyone here an EPO or know one?
  109. Gene Simmons salutes the American Military
  110. LEOSA Question
  111. Cop recalls weapon retention fight with cop killer
  112. MA Castle Law Question
  113. Auxillary Force on the South Coast of MA that qualifies for LEOSA?
  114. started phase 1, scheduled to go to academy in feb
  115. Anyone know any PDs are taking on auxiliary/ part time people in N. Rhode Island?
  116. security guards and Handcuffs....
  117. Nashua test
  118. RIP Officer John "Jack" Maguire
  119. ????? to LEOS in MA
  120. EMS Jobs Update, Post 32
  121. Ammo storage??
  122. FFDO carry regulations
  123. MA Police Officer Test 2011
  124. A forum for Vermont Cops
  125. Questions with regards to Auxiliary and Firearms
  126. Franconia, NH police Shooting Vid
  127. Upcoming ICE Test
  128. Cop fired in Somerville?
  129. Lethal force
  130. Mass Res/ Ct Purchase
  131. MSP transitioning to M&P45?
  132. Sign up now for the SYNERGY SOLUTIONS 2011 LAW ENFORCEMENT SHOOT OUT - MAY 26!!!!
  133. VSP Academy
  134. Boston PD question
  135. Delete
  136. LEO Question ????
  138. 2011 Beretta LE & MIL Rebate Program
  139. Leosa Instructors in MA.
  140. Animal shootings
  141. CT LEO carry to training class in MA?
  142. Hollow vs "not-hollow"?
  143. plymouth county sheriff's dept
  144. FLEO and CCW/Using FLETC to satisfy basic safety course requirement to obtain Class A
  145. Red Sox/Yankees tix Raffle
  146. Advice On Getting Their Restrictions Removed On An LTC Class A?
  147. Brownells LE discount
  148. Security Officers
  149. NRA Tribute - 9/11/01 - NYPD Off. Walter Weaver EOW
  150. LEO Testing Karma
  151. Question About Police Dept. and collage
  152. Florida (FDLE)EOT process
  153. Whats the right thing to do
  154. video: Mass State Police SWAT (at the 2011 CT SWAT Challenge)
  155. Medic school, worth it?
  156. Peabody Officer hit on Route 1 while working a detail
  157. LEO Question, NH & ME
  158. Law Enforcement Gun purchases denied
  159. CBPO
  160. Dupe Please Delete
  161. Weston Wellesley Lincoln Ma Police Exam Non Civil Service 3/31/12
  162. Cop Takes Own Life After Shooting Fellow Officer
  164. Civil service. How I dislike thee.....
  165. Video: Top Cop PT at the 2011 CT S.W.A.T. Challenge
  166. Synergy Shootout
  168. Emergency 911 Dispatcher Exam
  169. Equipment Needed for a New Recruit
  170. Dog chokes on snack.
  171. Another Dog & Police Story
  172. Carrying in NJ
  174. A sad day in Springfield.
  175. Can Police Carry Automatic Knives on duty in Mass
  176. Speakers Needed for Criminal Justice Club. Police,Corrections,FBI,Dea
  177. Holyoke police officer aressted.
  178. OCT 23 Glock Armorer class
  179. Oct 24-26 Glock F/I Workshop
  180. Best police sidearm
  181. Happy Thanksgiving to the men and women in blue
  182. Tales from the Idiot Side
  183. Just wanted to say this to all the LEO's on here....
  184. State Police Shoot in Lynn
  185. To all my fellow LEOs
  186. Any LEO's going to the rally on the 19th ?
  187. Group on Facebook
  188. Law Enforcement Officers Against NY Safe Act
  189. Free training for you LEO/Mil guys.
  190. Lawrence Aux Police "Chief", Sexual Harassment on officers and other things I learned
  191. Remembering the first Mass State Trooper I met.
  192. Range qualification
  193. who carries what on the cape
  194. Becoming a LEO officer...
  195. LTC re-up fee
  196. Ashland police
  197. Petition to Amend LEOSA for C.O's
  198. Arlington LEO's?
  199. Out of state transfer to MA
  200. LEO carry Compacts?
  201. Auxillary/ Reserve carry weapon?
  202. Holster or no holster
  203. Why are the police shooting dogs?
  204. Police firearm law knowledge
  205. Any Conservation Officers here?
  206. MSP and Springfield PD covered on 60 minutes
  207. 2014 XS light sights and laser training
  208. House Votes to Eliminate Service Camo Patterns
  209. Looking for Jim Keegan
  210. Your POV
  211. NRA TPC match at SIG
  212. If you're looking for an LE job in MA, just move away.
  213. NRA TPC at SIG, it is a confirmed event
  214. State Police
  215. Local Police Issued Revolvers 70's & 80's
  216. Non-Civil Service towns offering exam or hiring?
  217. Need MPTC Firearms Instructor
  218. Glocks
  219. My short conversation with a Mansfield Police Officer today.
  220. Just a link for my LEO friends here
  221. Firearms Training.
  222. too good not to share
  223. Just took this accident report from an involved party at the window
  224. NRA. TPC compition at SIG in October 2014
  225. Mass LEO's 2nd A feelings
  226. Hello fellow LEO's.
  227. Don't call me a P.I.G.!!!
  228. ?
  229. LEOSA and Campus Police
  230. Form 5 dealers
  231. Help with an English Project
  232. Future LEO help.
  233. Serious life choices need to be made.
  234. Carrying duty weapons off duty?
  235. Four seasons LEO SW Shields
  236. Need some help
  237. After Oral Boards...
  238. Holy Shit... who let these two into the police academy
  239. LEO Flag Etiquette
  240. breaching weapons
  241. 2014 MLEFI&AA Conference 9/23-9/25
  242. 2014 ACO Correctional Medal of Honor Ceremony
  243. Thin blue line car decal
  244. Academy Firearms Preparation
  245. How will the new gun laws effect LEO's if passed??
  246. Campus police officer?
  247. Police Series, 0083 Marine Corps are they real cops?
  248. Bristol County Sheriff's Office?
  249. NRA Tactical Police Competition
  250. TAG Banshee on Sale