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    Default American Tactical 5.56 made in turkey

    I have not seen this to be mil spec ammo. Anyone use it.
    price touch over 300.00 990rnds ? thinking 100y plinking

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    stay away, unless it's for plinking.

    i'm guessing it's the 62gr stuff.

    feeds reliably, but totally NOT accurate compared to XM 193, PMC, Remington & Winchester.... i'm talking 6" groups at 100 yards vs. sub-1" groups using the same rifle

    kinda like Silver Bear, Brown Bear... if your plinking, it's ok

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    Here's what "Ammo To Go"says,
    and the manufacturers website: Click on "Technical Specifications"
    Don't shoot 5.56mm, but I've fired the MKE headstamped 8mm with fair results (I can't hit anything anyways!). This ammo pre-dates the "American Tactical" line I'm guessing.
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    990rds - 5.56 American Tactical Imports SS-109 62gr. Penetrator - thats the [STRIKE]junk[/STRIKE] stuff right there.

    personally, i'd go with something else for anything over 50 yards

    regardless of caliber...

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    I should have just stopped when I seen "American Tactical" made in Turkey. At least they didnt name it Tactical Turkey. I have had plenty of luck with wolf for plinking and wolf will refund your unused ammo if you are not happy with it.

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