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    Default Buffered Lead Shotgun Reloads

    I am looking for a good source book on using buffer material, something that explains how to use the buffer in creating a reload, as using a buffering material can increase pressure so you want to get it right.

    I have Tom Rosters buffered lead manual, but it does not go into great detail on how to make a load, more of a manual of loads and explaination of why he uses it.

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    Keep in mind that with shotshells, you do not "work up a load" like you do in metallic reloading.

    So, if someone has a book of reloading data, use that data, and forget about experimenting.
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    Default this is the only place I have seen any mention of buffer in reloading. One this sight you can find articles more twards hunting reloads than say trap or skeet reloads.
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    Thanks for the replies. I know most people just follow shotshell reloading data, but I enjoy understanding how each component affects the load. Buffer is something I am working on now.


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    Winchester sold a shot buffer called Super Grex, and I still have some. It was around 1986. As usual the loads were on the label.

    It was discontinued within 2 or 3 years.0

    Tom Roster's info is good but he pushed Tru Square buffer, but I haven't seen anything from him in the last 10 years.

    BPI seems to be the most up to date material.

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    Used to reload shotshell a lot. The book I had at the time I believe was a lyman book but it was several editions ago. I used to use regular baking flour for buffer material. Worked great and was cheap. Can't remember what the load was now and the book I had written down all of my loads was lost in a house fire. I hunt exclusively with a 20g and was able to take pheasant at ranges way outside of what I usually took them with unbuffered. Had hardly any wounded and running birds. It really is pretty amazing the difference between buffered and unbuffered.
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    Take a look at the reloading forum at it has more information about reloading for shotguns than any other place on the web.

    Under sevices click forums.

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