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    Default FN FAL kit/receiver?

    Hey Guys,

    Wanted to see if anyone has a source for getting a FAL parts kit/receiver? I've found a couple listings such as Sportsman's guide (who won't ship to MA)

    Thanks in advance.

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    watch the marketplace on FalFiles......or do bids on Gunbroker....

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    Try DS Arms. They sell receivers, parts and complete rifles.

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    Pick up a Shotgun News - plenty of FAL Parts kits advertised inside.

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    +1 on Joemcg info. When you get the kit, stay with only the good receivers to build it on. I'd look at the receivers first, kit second. Imbel receviers are good and whatever DSA is moving is good. Stay away from the Hesse and CAI stuff - sometimes the specs are off and that makes for a troublesome build.

    Joe R.

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    +1 on the FAL files, I bought two receivers from sellers there (one DCI and one DSA).

    However... that was over a year ago and prices were high and availability was in short supply (as soon as someone posted a receiver(s) for sale, it was gone within minutes). The demand and cost has probably worsened since then.

    Same thing with the kits as the foreign sources have dried up and exporters have had to comply with the barrel ban.

    Go with a DSA if you can and don't mind waiting. DSA puts priority on complete rifles. If they only have 100 receivers available at the time, and 95 orders for complete rifles, that only leaves 5 stripped receivers for sale.

    You'll also have to contend with replacing imported parts with US manufactured parts in order to comply with the 922r law, and you'll also have
    to comply with the MA AWB.

    My two builds...

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    I would definitely pick up a kit before you worry about a receiver.
    FAL kits can no longer be imported and they are drying up fast. The only place you are going to find one is from a personal sale on one of the forums classified section or gunbroker. Plan on spending @$250
    Forget about an Imbel receiver. Same deal, no longer importable @$475-$500, if you can find one.

    DSA is slowly catching up on it's back log of receiver orders. You can get one in 6-8 weeks instead of 6-8 months. @$350-$400 You can get a Century receiver for @$300, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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    I would suggest picking up the KIT and the Receiver ASAP as after the Presidential Election the prices will go through the ROOF.

    Even more so if Barack Hussein Obama makes it into the Oval Office unscathed.

    So if this is something you want get off the stick and buy it before the opportunity is history..

    Check these places as well as

    Here is a complete Rifle for 550.00
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    Imbel kits are available from Enterprise at around $300, others on falfiles and gunbroker may have them for slightly less - usually around $250. Inch kits should still be available from Interordnance and possibly a couple others (try Copes or Centerfire), less barrel, although US green mountain barrels and surplus ones are available. Total price for kit and barrel will be similar to the metrics. Sarco also has metric kits available, haven't seen them but heard they are Argentine, for around $250 too. Contrary to popular belief, kits can still be imported, but not with barrels. Given the current election situation I don't know which I would get first, but kits can be stopped quicker than US receivers.

    The only receivers currently being produced are Enterprise, DSA and Century. Haven't built on Enterprise so can't comment. DSA is great, but pricey and tough to get. Century used to be bad, but the new ones have been in spec and work without issue. Downside is right now I think only Inch pattern is readily available, and the metrics are type 3 only, plus resale value will be lower.

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