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    Default Massachusetts to suspend drivers licenses of state tax nonpayers

    saw this posted on another forum:

    Massachusetts could soon have a new weapon in its ongoing war against tax cheats: Donít pay your taxes, and you will lose your driverís license.

    Thatís the latest strategy to recover millions of dollars from an estimated 150,000 hard-core scofflaws who ignore repeated warnings from the taxman to pay up or work out a payment plan.

    Massachusetts already suspends professional licenses of tax delinquents, garnishes wages and places liens on bank accounts and home sales. In moving to add driverís license suspensions, Massachusetts joins Rhode Island, Louisiana and the District of Columbia.

    Currently, people who havenít paid their income tax receive a series of notices as soon as the state realizes money is owed or a return hasnít been filed.

    But there could soon be a new twist. If tax deadbeats donít pay, appeal or work out a payment plan, theyíll be informed the Registry of Motor Vehicles is going to suspend their licenses.

    The measure is tucked deep within the $28.3 billion state budget on Gov. Deval Patrickís desk. It is part of a range of tough tax enforcement measures the governor and legislative leaders agreed to in order to collect $157 million next year from taxpayers

    The plan would take effect as soon as the budget is signed.

    State gets license to keep tax cheats off roads
    July 11, 2008

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    I have no problem with this. If I have to pay, so shouldn't you.

    P.S. > unless this costs more than it will bring in

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    Knowing this state half of the tax payers will randomly lose their licenses if this goes through.

    something about this bothers me though, I have to think about it. maybe it's because of his views on illegals.

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    Every illegal driving without a liscense is laughin at that one.
    Licensed Journeyman.

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    Didn't they pull some sort of shit like this in the 80's -- take away driving privileges for something else that had absolutly nothing to do with driving? It definitely feels like the Duke is back. Cool little retro trip, except I don't get to feel like I'm in my 20's again.

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    I don't see how this will make people pay their taxes since it seems driving without a liscense doesn't cary a huge penalty from what I've seen. A kid I used to work with got busted driving on a suspended liscense. I don't think they even followed up after driving him home. He was 18 or 19 at the time.

    This seems like it would be good, but only if they enforce it.

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    If people are throwing away tax notices -official documents from the state, what makes them think that something from the RMV will change their tune.

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    typical mass, cali & new york crap! what if the person doesn't have a car or DL?


    i support this on one hand, as a tax paying bla bla bla citizen... but at the same time, why is it that these states attach everything to your DL? but the f'in idiots do it half ass - (i.e. don't suspend registration, don't check to see if DL is suspended / revoked to register / insure a car - GENERALLY SPEAKING for those legal types).

    Child Support late? we'll take your DL

    Owe Taxes? we'll take your DL

    Convicted of Drug Offense? we'll take your DL

    ***as others have stated, how many of these people have a DL in the first place***

    second, if the shit-bag dosen't pay his taxes or child support, how is taking his DL gonna help? your gonna let him walk for at least 30 times before he or she does time anyway.

    morons... LOL

    issue a warrant and let him or her make some license plates! mother effers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRyan View Post
    Knowing this state half of the tax payers will randomly lose their licenses if this goes through.
    +1 and I'll be one of them

    I got a letter from the Mass DOR just last week saying they have no record of me paying my estimated taxes for 2007 as I reported on my annual. I have to mail them copies of canceled checks as proof of payment. Meanwhile, they've sent me another letter with the amount 'past due' with penalties.

    I'd like to charge them a frigin penalty and revoke Deval's driver's license too.
    pew pew pew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fixxah View Post
    Every illegal driving without a liscense is laughin at that one.
    And we're crying!

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