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    Default Pats Gun Shop - Lanesboro, Massachusetts

    I remember when I was a kid going into my first gun shop. My parents had moved us from Dalton Massachusetts to the flatlands of Northeast Ohio. I spent my days longing to be back home, but found solace at a small gun shop in Salem called 'Williams Gun Shop'. It was there that my love of firearms was solidified. Mr. Williams was a book of knowledge about all things gun - from hunting to military, he seemed to know a lot about some things and a little about nearly everything. He was quiet, patient and knowledgeable. He didn't say too much, but when he did, it was interesting.

    Going into Pats Gun Shop in Lanesboro feels much the same way. Pats is a classic gun shop in the purest sense. No bright lights, tiled floor, no convenience store feel. Rather, it's a small shop, decorated with some trophy deer, a bear and some beautiful military collectables. Black rifle enthusiasts may be disappointed, but you'll spot the occasional AR-15, M1A, Mini-14 or AK. If you want it though and it's available in Massachusetts, Pat can get it. Hunters and collectors will be pleased, as Pat seems to find some unique hunting rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders and lever actions. MilSurp rifles generally abound and seem to be a specialty of Pats. From M1 Carbines, to Garands, Mausers, Springfields, Enfields and beyond, Pats usually has one. There's also a large selection of handguns on the wall where you'll find more classic revolvers - all the way up to modern autos. The small aisles are packed with various parts, magazines, accessories and reloading supplies and the ammunition selection - especially for harder to find stuff is great.

    I think the greatest asset to Pats Gun Shop is the people. Pat and his wife Ruth provide a relaxed place to just go and 'be'. I find myself stopping there when I'm in the neighborhood just to breathe a little from my day and browse the walls for my next desire. Ruth is warm and conversational and greets customers with a smile - she brings a feeling of home to the shop when she's there and Pat is busy working on guns in the back room.

    I just bought my Mosin Nagant M-44 there for $25.00 less than one competitor and $50.00 less than another. He still has 4 or 5 left, so if anyone wants one, or wants to visit a unique shop with a feel to it that seems to be fading these days, then drop by and see Pat and Ruth the next time you're in The Berkshires....

    Pats Gun Shop
    545 S Main St
    Lanesboro, MA 01237
    (413) 499-3897
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    I purchased an early '70s Colt Combat Commander through one of the online auction sites from Pat's for a decent price. Ruth was great with emails and phone calls to complete the sale. I had them ship it to a gun shop in eastern Mass (figuring it was worth paying the credit card surcharge & shipping to save the gas, tolls and driving time).

    The Colt gets shipped quickly however the receiving gun shop won't do the transfer to me -"It's a Colt - not MA compliant". Call Pat - he quickly faxes a copy of a FA-10 that previous owner had given to him from when he purchased the Colt from another western MA gun dealer. This is now two MA dealers / FFLs who state the Colt is OK for a dealer transfer in MA - still not adequate. Colt gets shipped back to Pat's with a charge of $35 - more than twice what Pat charged for the original shipping. I end up driving out there to pick it up (6 hrs RT). Pat graciously refunded me the original shipping charge which I had not asked him to do. The Colt turned out to be as described - in great condition, and I had Mike LaRocca tune it up a bit.

    Long story short - two thumbs up for Pat's.

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    Went there once ... showed my LTC-A, asked to see a GLOCK and was given a stare as if I was a criminal (most people say I look like a cop so I don't get this one) and then was asked WHY? in an accusing tone. I left, never looked back and went 12 miles north.

    On the other hand, my dad bought a .22lr revolver from him many moons ago that has now been handed down to me. He had a good experience.

    [Don't want to bash, but rather give my $.02]

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    Drove out last week to pickup a rifle I won on Gunbroker. Pat and Ruth were great from beginning to end, whole transaction was smooth.

    MassMark is right, a classic gun shop top to bottom.

    The one problem I had was that I didn't allot enough time to really take a good look at everything they had.

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    Many of my loved guns originally came from Pat's.

    I told some friends that drove past Pat's Gun Shop and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the bars were off the windows and the place looked closed.

    "Ha!" they said. "We made those bars for him ages ago."

    Anyhow, I now hear that he moved the shop to

    67 N Main St, Lanesboro, MA 01237
    (413) 499-3897

    ...directly across from the police station, on the same side at O'Connell's gas station.

    North Main Street is route 7, this would be just south of New Ashford south of Williamstown.

    (I'll check it out and confirm.)

    EDIT: Swung over there today. Pat at his new location has a sign on the door saying he's open Monday, Thursday, Friday from 11-5 and 10 -2 on Saturday.
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