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    Default 50's era Yugo 8mm ammo

    Has anyone else here experienced problems with 1950's era Yugoslavian 8mm ammo and light strikes?
    I recently sold TYPEO1313 a Czech 98/22 Mauser type rifle and even though it functioned well for me with Romanian and Turk 8mm surplus ammo, he had problems with light strikes using 50's era Yugo 8mm ammo. A fellow member next to him at the car shoot had the same ammo fire everytime out of a Persian Mauser. I know the Persian Mausers are considered the Cadillac of the long Mausers so I can't base any judgement on that comparison.
    From personal experience and from what I've read, 50's era headstamp 8mm ammo is considered bottom of the barrel surplus because of the primer problems it poses in some Mauser type rifles. I have a ammo cans of this and can only use it in a handfull of my Mauser types (Mainly Yugo M48s, 24/47s, go figure)
    I've posted questions about this on other Mauser forums but figured someone here might have input as well. Any thoughts?
    If its firing pin spring advice, please provide a source for one that will work in a Czech 98/22.

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    I had trouble with 50's Yugo in my German 98K, it seemed like light strike, would always fire if reloaded and tried again. I don't have the problem with other ammo. Hope this helps.

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