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    Default Rhode Island Non-Resident License help

    Could anyone experienced either P.M me or point me in the direction of someone I could talk to with regards to the odds of me obtaining a Non-Resident license in rhode island? I'd rather not discuss my circumstances publicly.



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    When I was considering applying, I discussed it with Keith G. Langer.

    He confirmed what I suspected, that "RI is likely to initially deny just to see if you appeal. Appeals are heard by the same man that denied you."; Ultimately I decided not to apply because I didn't want to have a denial that I would have to explain for all future applications anywhere. Instead I just avoid spending any further time or money in Rhode Island.

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    Default Rhode Island Non-Resident License help

    I just submitted my non res app to the AG's office this Monday. What a pain in the ass. I have an unrestricted LTC in mass so that may or may not help. The biggest thing I have going in my favor is that I work for an armored truck company and carry everyday for work. I specifically requested an unrestricted LTC in RI but we will have to wait and see. My guess is that ill get a work restriction since I'm only 21.

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