Yes this is a Frankenstein G-98. I got my hands on a G-98 barrel and Stock from the Spanish Civil War. I had it for a while looking for an Receiver and action for it. I picked up one but it was too modernized with after market trigger and bolt so I keep looking. I came across a 1908 Brazilian Mauser that the Barrel had been cut and altered, and I got it at a good price. So the receiver and action became the donor for the build. I re-barreled the action with the 8mm Gewehr barrel, the top crest on the receiver was almost gone so I buffed off the rest and Blued it with Birchwood Casey Super Blue(I don't know anyone in the area that does blueing anymore). It passed both Go and No-Go gauge test. I am still waiting for my range to reopen to test fire it.

The Enfield in the picture will be my next post!!!! :-)