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    The problem with Methadone is that the junkies stand in line for it all morning, get it, and then go out and score a booster. WTF. How's that working for us?

    I like opiates, I really do. I've had them enough times in the ER and after surgery to really appreciate them. And have fond memories of that warm IV coursing through my veins. So I kind of get where the addiction comes from. Fortunately, I don't seem to have addictive tendencies (at least not with this). After a couple days of being on the post-surgical morphine drip I get all itchy and can't wait to stop taking it. I was in a few years back and I was itching and drinking so much water they had to make me stop.
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    Bullseye congrats on your sobriety. Thank you for sharing. my dads story is very similar except he turned to the streets buying what he could from whoever he could. He had a spinal injury and had received a decent settlement so cash flow for them was there. My whole family watched the spiral and tried several times to interject. His doctors knew about the addiction but would all use hipa laws as there excuse to not deal with the issue.

    My mom choose to walk away after 9 years of his addiction. Which led to dr's to remove the oxy and only prescribe percs.He was living alone and was driving passed out and hit a guardrail head on at about 40Mph. He was unhurt but his van was totaled. He ended up at umass where I was able to get his primary care to section 35 him. He was sent to Brockton to a state facility for 22 days. That was in march he's been sober ever since, attends NA meetings and has a relationship with myself and my 2 sisters. I still walk in his door afraid that he's sourced pills from somewhere but it's one day at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skysoldier View Post
    Having been almost killed by "Junkies" in Vietnam......I say let them have all that shit they want!

    The quicker the ****ers are dead, the better it is for all of us!
    You ran out of war to get rid of them. My brother had a Marine Infantry Platoon on Okinawa in 1973, and 29 of the 31 failed a drug test. He had buddies in the Army and Navy at the same time, and the stories I heard of the post-Vietnam military were pretty depressing.
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    was prescribed oxys after a root canal, took the prescribed amount felt sick as shit. will never touch that shit again

    also watched kids become junkies during college, what they were and what they became.

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    Amen bullseye. I havent read further and have no idea how the comments go after this. I have a similar story. Had my first acl surgery at 18 which started a 7-8 battle with addiction. Never stole to fund my habbit but spent every penny besides minimum payments and maxed my credit. The day came when i was in a real shithole sec-8 drug nest. Had a guy say oh i sold the last pills. He offered me H and kid driving says " you will feel better bro" (i will never forget those words) that day I decided thats it. I refused went home sick as hell. My now wife started calling the 30 suboxone clinics, of which could only carry 30 patients at the time 2005) when she called the 27th she told this doctor he is ready please please. He had a opening the following wednesday. That was the day i got my life back. Took about 4-5 months and i have now been clean for 7 years. This drug is a miracle for the ones who are" ready". Unfortunately its now abused as a stop gap when people cant get a fix. I would be dead today if it wasnt for my wife and family.

    Congrats bullseye for doing what most cant its not an easy road. Never thought i would share this story here but after reading your confession I had to.

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    Bottom line is laws are idiotic because clearly they shouldn't be supporting the use of Oxy at all, but instead Docs hand it out like candy and then don't understand why you get hooked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Macadoo View Post
    FYI - Heroine, cocaine and some others are still used in a medical capacity.
    Coke is used in only the smallest of cases and extremely controlled in how it's administered. Heroin isn't used at all... Not that it matters though, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and drugs like dilaudid all turn into the same.chemical as heroin once your body metabolizes it.

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    MA is a drug haven!
    I kick stupid kids out of the service each month for drug usage.
    Pot, Pills, you name it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drgrant View Post
    I think they should just provide dumpsters full of the things for free and let the problem sort itself out that way. At least that way the addicts won't be robbing people anymore for the things.


    My grandfather, a WW1 British army vet that spent 4 years in the trenches in N. France, said the same kind of thing 40 years ago.

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    I wonder how many people will be forced to endure pain as a result of government attempts to further limit access to these drugs.
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