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    Default Snapsafe review / rant

    I can get long winded sometimes so I'll try to keep this short.

    I was looking for a new safe. I start calling companies for info. I didn't get through to all of them because I was calling pretty late in the day. No problem. I'll talk to them tomorrow.

    An important thing to note is that I was making these calls from a phone that, at the time, was private. There was nobody in the room that I needed to worry about and I could have a conversation about guns without causing any drama in my life.

    The problem was that the moment I walked away from that phone, it was no longer secure. I'd rather not explain my exact situation but I'm sure you've all made calls from work or school or someplace that was fine at the time but you wouldn't want the person you called to call that number back and talk to whomever answered the phone about your personal business.

    Well that's exactly what some guy named “Steve” from Snapsafe did. He called the number on his caller ID and told whoever answered the phone what I can only imagine sounded something like “Yeah I'm calling about Snapshot's gun safe!! You know, for his guns!! What? You didn't know he had guns?!?! Oh yeah, he's got plenty of them!! At least enough that he needs a safe for'em!!”

    Needless to say I called back and said “Forget about it.”

    As if that wasn't enough: I generally like to give people at least an idea of what they did wrong when I decide not to use their service. So I told him that I really didn't appreciate him telling my business to others. He said “Ok thanks.” No apology. Nothing. He couldn't seem to care less.

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    Given the way their representative acted, it's probably best that you DON'T do business with them! I would call his regional manager and drop a dime on Steve. I'm sure they have phone records of having called your number and who made the call.
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    Well the horse has left the barn but here's how you close the gate next time, "*67" will hide caller ID when making outgoing calls.
    Got OPSEC ?

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    He's a business man doing his job get over it.

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    I'm a customer exercising my right to shop where I choose. I don't have to.

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    I have a SnapSafe. I love it. It was delivered in a timely fashion, assembled easily, is very secure and has excellent fire protection. When it came, it had a damaged internal back panel and they sent me a whole new panel plus exterior wall. Their customer service was great. My only complaint is that they are made in China and they are a bit small. I wish they made a larger unit.

    I can see why you are pissed at "Steve" but is it really his fault? How is he to know that the number you called from is not a number he wants you calling back? When I'm buying a new gun/toy that I don't want my wife to know about, I don't given them my home number- I use my work or cell number.

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    Sorry that happened. I feel your pain.

    Did anyone else notice that the OP "SnapShot" got burned by a company called "SnapSafe".

    Wow, ironic at best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twigg View Post
    Well the horse has left the barn but here's how you close the gate next time, "*67" will hide caller ID when making outgoing calls.
    Keep in mind when you call a toll free number they get your number even if you dial *67. The same goes if you have your number as unavailable.

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    I'm sorry that you had to go through this unpleasant experience. But if you think of it was it really all his fault?

    if you want to keep your business private then don't use phones that are not private. you have no excuse for it - your own mistake. Also sales rep acted unprofessionally, but then again, he is a sales rep and to him that other dude who picked up the phone is another potential buyer.

    also you are not entitled to apology only because 'you think' you are. after you scolded him, he knew that there will be no business coming his way from your end and his feelings very well might have been hurt as well depending on the way you worded your part of conversation.
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    I never said I was entitled to an apology. I do however have the right to not do business with somebody who wouldn't offer one. For the record, had he apologized, he just might have saved the sale. Good customer service is about knowing that usually complaints are opportunities. If a customer is complaining, it means they care enough to be bothered to complain. The moment they stop complaining, they're taking their money elsewhere. If I just wanted to say screw him, I'd have hung up. The reason for telling him what he did wrong was to:
    A) Help him learn from the mistake
    B) Give him the opportunity to fix the mistake

    I don't know about "A" but he certainly made no attempt at "B". If it were me, I'd have said “You're so right. I don't know what I was thinking. How can I fix this?” It shows remorse and the desire to do right by the customer. It also gives the customer a chance to tell the company what it will take to make amends. If his suggestion is unreasonable, maybe he can be guided to something more compatible with the sustainability of the business. If not, at least he can't say you didn't try. Maybe after some time he'll calm down and come back. But to not make the attempt, that's going to get the company exactly what they deserve: A lost sale.

    Rest assured. I have zero sense of entitlement. The only thing Steve NEEDED to do was hang up unless he wanted his phone line open all night. If he wants to put the potential for a new sale on a higher priority then the privacy of the guy who already wants the product, well then I'd say he's never heard the old phrase about “a bird in hand” but that is his choice. If he doesn’t feel the need to apologize, that's also his choice. As long as he understands that I too have a choice. He made his, I made mine and then I ranted about it....

    ...Cause sometimes you just need to rant. :-)

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