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    Default Open carry is retarded

    I read boards based in other states, where the users clamor on about open carry, the issues they have and how they feel its their right to brandish their firearms to an unsuspecting public and police apparatus.

    Before you get mad, I am a huge supporter of second amendment rights and concealed carry - as evidenced by other posts I have here.

    But open carry?

    I guess I don't get it and in spite of me calling it retarded, Im willing to listen to any wisdom on the subject. From a practical standpoint, the first thing I do is put myself in the shoes of a determined criminal - if he or she sees a goober carrying openly, he or she is going to remove that goober first and carry on with whatever other crimes that were planned for the day.

    You might say that its a deterrent, but again, I don't see it. If anything, I think it creates an atmosphere whereby the determined criminal knows who the enemy is, the police know who they can harass and the non-gun public is just confused and scared.

    I know, screw the sheeple, right? No. Gun control might have been muted,but there have been plenty of higher profile shootings that have put them back on edge. At a time where we should either be winning public support or keeping the non gunners quiet, the media is foisting these shootings, alongside heavily armed civilians as if they're one in the same. It sucks that we have to fight for what is essentially a civil and human right, but them's the breaks as my grandfather used to say.

    Having been carrying for a year, and shooting for more than 20, I know that the best weapon is the one between one's ears. With the open carry movement, I have to wonder what exactly IS between the ears.

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    When I was a kid there was a guy who owned a little convient store in my neighborhood, he had a small gun on his hip. Looking back I say if a bad guy was going to rob the place he would know he would have to go in shooting. I dont think it was a deterent it just brings the holdup to next level before it starts. I much prefer to be pretending to be grabbing my wallet and come out with iron!
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    If I was a criminal, I'd prefer to target the weak.

    I'd probably leave the dude with a pistol on his hip alone and go after granny walking down the other side of the street.

    Not sure why you guys think it makes any sense to "go after the goober openly carrying first"...

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    When you get outraged enough, grab your rifle and head outside. If you're the only one there, it's not time yet.

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    I don't think i would do it personally out side of my property unless I was specifically trying to project a show of force, which is something I don't see needing to do in the short term. Not to mention if I needed to look tough, I'd use a rifle.

    I don't mind it though. Sure, it is sorta gay. And sure, the people who run open carry events could potentially be doing more harm then good, but oh well.

    The 2A needs to come back from where its been beaten down from.

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    First, one must identify the threat.

    You use the term, "Determined criminal".....determined to do what?

    If it's someone intent on mass murder, then, yes, the person OCing will likely be near the top of the list.
    If it's someone intent on robbery or assault on a random victim, then OC will likely be a deterrent.

    Predators prey on the weakest target, not the strongest. That's why little old ladies get mugged for their social security checks, not union steelworkers getting unemploynet checks.

    The old "Speak softly and carry a big stick" thing.....

    CC is only a deterrent when the possibility of a high percentage of potential prey having a concealed, but effective defense makes the risk/reward ratio unacceptable.

    Now...I don't OC....and as for CC.....well....if I told you, that would be defeating the purpose....
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    I think your avatar is retarded. When did it become cool to display a mutilated flag?

    I carry concealed, but I really don't GAF how other people carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlarge View Post
    Not sure why you guys think it makes any sense to "go after the goober openly carrying first"...
    me, either. this is a total anti-gun media argument. i know that if i was a criminal i would not select victims based on who has the best chance of ending my life when i threatened them.
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    I think it depends on where you are, but also personnel preference. My buddy owns a cabin in the woods of Maine where we go off roading. It was nice to have my .45 on my hip just in case we ran into something out there. (We got the truck stuck multiple times and had to walk back MILES through the woods). I would not have been able to do that unless open carry was legal. As for people in public places, that is the carrier’s decision. I wouldn’t say its retarded, I would just say it isn't my style but if some one else wants to do it who am I to say they shouldn’t/can't. They are big boys/girls, they can make their own decisions, and I’m sure they know the risks/advantages of CC vs. open.

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    Though I'm not a fan of oc. If someone has a right to do it in their state and they want to exercise that right.... I'm not gonna call them retarded for it. I will call the sheep retarded for being scared of it.

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