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    Default Lets get a projector for GOAL.

    Hi all,

    I've put together a gift package for Jon Green in response to the request made by Mike earlier. However, there is one item that is needed as soon as possible to get the classes back up to their proper quality - A classroom projector. I would like to pool our good will and present Jon Green a new projector for his new Classroom. This request has been cleared with the boss.

    After a little research, I've narrowed the choices down to the Canon LV-7490.

    This projector has the lumens to really work in almost any light, but is also variable, so it can run cooler and quieter if full brightness isn't needed. A long bulb life and LCD technology should provide for a long life.

    A review can be seen HERE

    Current price on this device is running about $875.

    If you are interested in helping, you can use PayPal by using the link below (the page that appears is off NES so that PayPal does not see NES as the referral. As usual, do NOT mention guns or shooting. Simply state Donation to GOAL. Anyone that gets my account shut down will be publicly shamed.)


    As GOAL is not a charity, none of these donations are tax deductible.


    Screen and Projector ordered. Confirmation Email has been forwarded to Jon Green. Any further $$ arriving will be donated to GOAL for the install.

    Once I have verification that the checks clear, I'll post First Name and last initial of our generous donors. Full names will be forwarded to GOAL for recognition. Anyone not wanting their name in the list, just PM me and I'll make you Anonymous.
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