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    S&W Model 10, pre 1980.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddDubya View Post
    Wasn't round count a differentiator in the arsenal/cache designation? I think if you have hundreds of rounds bullets you have an arsenal, especially if some can be fired from an AK-47.
    Haven't you seen the media chart? They are all AK47s.

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    Definitely need a 1911.

    Quote Originally Posted by mllanes View Post
    damn. i cant have guns right now (living at school) so ive been hesitant to get my LTC. i wish i was as lucky as you guys!
    Move to an apt off campus and start your collection.
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    you missed my follow up

    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator View Post
    You have so many gaps I don't know where to begin.

    1911<----got one
    Shotgun<-----got a bunch
    FAL<----need one
    AK<-----after the FAL
    Larger magnum like a .44 or .500<---- soon enough
    .22 target pistol<----need one
    Bolt action in something like .308 with good glass<---got one

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